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Vintage 2016

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Photo Challenge: Vintage 2016

May 02, 2016 06:00 0 comments

Theme: Vintage 2016

They say, old is gold, for a reason. With time some things become more unique and classic. Their maturity becomes a defining element in framing history of the particular time period. Vintage photography is a topic which has captured our attention for a while and this time round we want to see what you have got in store for us when it comes to the vintage theme. Get creative, take some incredible vintage shots and submit them to us for a chance to win our brand new ‘Vintage’ photo challenge.

THEME: ‘Vintage’

History carves its mark forever. We asked you to capture timeless photographs and you took images which we could not stop admiring. At long last, one of our most popular photo challenges draws to close. We are ready to announce the winner for our ‘Vintage’ photo challenge.


  • Grand Prize Winner: $300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your name and photo will be showcased to thousands on our Facebookand Twitter pages!)


Vintage is one of our favourite types of photography. Let’s take some time to appreciate vintage objects around us. We can’t wait to see your submissions so submit your entries to our ‘Vintage’ photo challenge to win $300 in cash prize!




Our judge will be selecting the best photos based on creativity in subject, perspective, angle, focal point, focus/sharpness and relevance to theme.

  • Rumaisa Khan, CoinaPhototeam member
  • Dedi Erfiadi, Former CoinaPhoto challenge winner


CoinaPhoto user: Kej Ty

Photo: Garden




$300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and featured in CoinaPhoto’s upcoming social media campaign.


Judge’s Feedback:


“The ‘vintage’ theme echoes loud and clear in this picture. The simple but beautiful expressions really catches ones attention.” - Dedi Erfiadi, winner of Aerial photo challenge.


“The emotions depicted here are timeless along with the setting. The colours are striking. The photo captures the kind of memory that one won’t easily forget”- Rumaisa, member of CoinaPhoto team.



Other entries we couldn’t help admiring:

City Canvas



From a bygone era by Jeremy Tan

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We want to thank everyone who contributed their incredible entries to our ‘Vintage photo challenge.


Think you’ve got what it takes to win?  Enter our ‘Home‘ photo challenge now for the chance to be our next grand cash prize winner!


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