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CoinaPhoto tokens are used to buy and sell photos in the CoinaPhoto Market – additionally, these tokens can also be ‘gifted’ to publicly recognise great work from other CoinaPhoto photographers.




There is one simple token that you can use on CoinaPhoto; each one is worth approximately US$0.20*.  You can purchase tokens from the Wallet page (minimum value for buying tokens is US$5.00) to start gifting and purchasing photos. *Please note that service fees apply – review our T&C’s for more details.

As a photographer, tokens are the means by which you can set prices for photos published on the Market.  Once a photo is sold, tokens are credited to your account where they can be redeemed via the Wallet page using PayPal. They are also used as a way to recognise other CoinaPhoto photographers’ great work on the platform through token ‘gifting’.  

Under each photo you will see a ‘gift box’ icon in yellow.  To gift a token, click on the image and a single token will be credited to that post from your account.  Your own token status will reduce by the same amount (you can check your wallet for your available balance).

Simply go the 'Wallet' page using the token icon located at the top of the screen, select ‘buy more tokens’ and choose how many tokens you would like to purchase. Tokens can be bought in multiples of USD$5.00 with a daily limit of USD$50.00 using your PayPal account. Please review our T&Cs for details – Service fees apply.

A daily limit is in place to best meet CoinaPhoto’s mission to provide the best customer service to its photographers as well as ensuring the token redemption process is seamless for all users. 

Currently token redemption is only possible through the desktop website,  To redeem your token balance, log into your CoinaPhoto account and go to the 'Wallet' page using the token icon located at the top of the screen. Click ‘Redeem Tokens’ and follow the steps. Please note you need a PayPal account and email address in order to redeem Coinaphoto tokens (you can always edit your email address in account setting).

Please also review our terms and conditions carefully before doing so. Proceeds from your sales will be transferred to your PayPal account once approved by CoinaPhoto (this may take between 5 to 7 working days). Please note that CoinaPhoto service fees will apply.

CoinaPhoto fees are charged only at the time of redeeming tokens. They include a 30% service fee, and in some cases, PayPal seller charges and foreign exchange conversion and credit card charges may also apply.

Please note that CoinaPhoto receives only its service fee, with all other charges going directly to the payment processors.  There may be a delay of up 5 to 7 working days for the value of the redeemed tokens to appear in your PayPal account.

CoinaPhoto may transfer any value in excess of USD$50 to your PayPal account automatically. Please review our terms and conditions for further information.

The Market is the electronic library of photographs that are available for sale & re-use on CoinaPhoto.  All photos are searchable according to their title, category, key words and photographer and are displayed in a way that is designed to show your photograph in its best possible light. 

For easy access, the Market can be accessed any time using the Market icon in the top toolbar.

Please review our T&Cs for details on IP rights and usage rights of downloaded photos

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