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Deserts and Oceans

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Photo Challenge: Deserts and Oceans

May 02, 2016 07:42 0 comments

Theme: Deserts and Oceans

Deserts and Oceans We are combining two diverse elements of nature for you. Surprise us with your creativity and explore the depths of deserts and oceans. Enter our brand new and exciting ‘Deserts and Oceans’ photo challenge for a chance to win!




  • Grand Prize Winner: $200 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your name and photo will be showcased to thousands on our Facebookand Twitter pages!)






Our judge will be selecting the best photos based on creativity in subject, perspective, angle, focal point, focus/sharpness and relevance to theme.

  • Rumaisa Khan, CoinaPhototeam member
  • Peerawat Kamklay, former CoinaPhoto challenge winner

This week marks an end to our ‘Deserts and Oceans’ photo challenge. We could definitely use a desert safari or a dive in the ocean after seeing your incredible entries! With about 500 of your submissions, our library is brimming with your exotic images. Read on to discover if your photo ended up in our favourites!



CoinaPhoto user: Zohaib Anjum

Photo: Desert





  • Peerawat Kamklay, Former winner of CoinaPhotophoto challenge
  • Rumaisa Khan, CoinaPhototeam member


Judge’s Feedback:


“This image truly captivates the viewer as it defines the essence of a desert. The picture is so real, one can visualise themselves very much within the desert imagery.” - Rumaisa, member of CoinaPhoto team



View some more of our favourites below:


Sunset at Thar Desert

Sunset at Thar by Laily Hassan



Approaching Cattle Fair by Sujit Saha


Breathtaking view copy

Breathtaking View by Asfa Baharudin 


All is not over with the end of our ‘Happiness’ photo challenge. Get snapping and submit your shot to our ‘Powerful Women’ photo challenge.

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