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Photo Challenge: Reflections

June 26, 2016 11:10 26 comments

Theme: Reflections

Aesthetic beauty of art exists everywhere in our daily lives. One of our favourite artistic phenomenons is the natural reflection of objects photographed with the right camera settings at the right time. Showcase reflections around you in your shots to participate in our ‘Reflections’ photo contest.


  • Grand Prize Winner: $100 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your name and photo will be showcased to hundreds of thousands on our Facebook and Twitter pages!)


  • Contest begins June 27th, 2016 and ends July 17th, 2016
  • Winners announced July 21st, 2016
CoinaPhoto user: Amy Dubey
Photo: Reflection
Judge’s Feedback:
“This entry stood out because of its concept and brilliant execution.  An image in which the reflection is not from the main part of the photo but an area unseen and only visible through the reflection itself.  A great example of concept and composition as well as telling an interesting and incomplete story about the background and the location.” – Michael Pua, former CoinaPhoto contest winner.


“This photo creates such a great scene from such a small reflection.  I feel that I am seeing through the proverbial looking glass to a world that’s in focus but just slightly out of reach.” - Ellen Storey, CoinaPhoto team member.


View some more of our favourites below:
Sunrise at Moraine Lake
‘Sunrise at Moraine Lake’ by Jeff Dannay 
“Beautiful scenery, composition and technically perfect exposure and balance in the photo.” – Michael

Cileunca Lake

‘Cileunca Lake’ by Dedi Erfiadi

“Breathtaking capture with the sky looking like it’s on fire. Great timing to get the sun perfectly centered and peeking through the trees as well.” - Michael 

We still have lots more in store for you. Enter our ongoing ‘Colours‘ photo contest or browse our market to get your artistic inspiration first.

Comments • (26)
Thomp Jerry
June 28, 2016 04:13
when was this photo contest begins?
CoinaPhoto Marketing
June 28, 2016 16:13
Hi Thomp, It began yesterday, June 27th. Thanks.
Reba Rogers
June 28, 2016 20:06
I’ve been trying to submit a photo for this challenge but it doesn’t seem to show up in the challenge! Please help
S�lve Fredheim
June 28, 2016 22:14
How do I submit a photo I have already uploaded? The UI only allows for submitting photos by uploading a new one. Not very user friendly…
Hyder Alee
June 29, 2016 17:06
hi i am new to this website, please tell me how to take part in this challenge.
�gnes Hitre
June 30, 2016 08:47
It still doesn’t show the deadline. I keep looking the page back and forth but can’t see the submission deadline.
CoinaPhoto Marketing
June 30, 2016 11:45
Dear Reba, Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to CoinaPhoto! It takes over 24 hours for the website admin to approve the photo before it can show in our market. We can see you are new on CoinaPhoto and curious to discover more. We hope you are enjoying your experience with us so far. Feel free to explore our community of like-minded photographers. You can add them as friends or even follow them simply by connecting with them. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions. You can also directly write to us at Thanks and all the best!
CoinaPhoto Marketing
June 30, 2016 11:46
Hi Solve, You can enter your existing photos to a new photo contest simply by clicking the ‘edit’ option on your photo and selecting additional category, in this case it would be ‘Reflections’. Let us know if this helps at all. Thanks.
CoinaPhoto Marketing
June 30, 2016 11:52
Dear Hyder, Welcome to CoinaPhoto - we are ecstatic to have you on board. All instructions on how to enter a photo contest are listed in the blue and white infographic under the creative brief. To simplify things - simply upload a photo and select ‘Reflections’ as a category from the drop down menu before you submit your photo. Let us know if this is clear. Thanks.
CoinaPhoto Marketing
June 30, 2016 11:54
Dear Agnes, The deadline for this particular photo contest is July 17th. It is mentioned in the header of the contest on the contest page. To simplify things we have also added it to the blog post now. Many thanks and best of luck!
Sarfaraj Hussain Khan
July 1, 2016 02:45
How can I view all the photos that submitted for the REFLECTION contest.
�gnes Hitre
July 1, 2016 16:32
Thank you for your response. I’ve made a note about it for myself.
Amy Dubey
July 2, 2016 13:07
Hi marketing team, i need a help i have already uploaded photo into album but m not able to see any option how to participate with same photo, when i go to competition page it asks to upload new image, i just saw above comment but not able to read some words as fonts are missing n its showing like “Hi Solve, You can enter your existing photos to a new photo contest simply by clicking the ‘edit’ option on your photo and selecting additional category, in this case it would be ‘Reflections’. Let us know if this helps at all. Thanks.” this, pls help, i am new to COINA PHOTO n finding it confusing
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 3, 2016 09:53
Hi Sarfaraj, You can do so by visiting your market available through your user profile. Thanks
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 3, 2016 09:55
Hi Amit, In order to submit an existing photo to a new photo contest, you don’t have to go the competition page. Please go the particular image in question uploaded by you and click the ‘edit’ option on it. After this, click the category drop down menu and select the option ‘Reflections’ and update. This is all you have to do. Hope this helps. Thanks.
Sabrina Millard
July 5, 2016 18:18
How do you know if you win or lose? Will it send you a notification if you lose? Or will it send you a notification when you win? Please explain. Thank you! 😛
Sabrina Millard
July 6, 2016 12:31
How do you know if you win?
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 7, 2016 05:44
Dear Sabrina, As per our procedure - the winner hears from a member of our team after the contest finalises. Hope this helps. Thanks.
Natalia Turmanova
July 7, 2016 13:09
Hello! The way I see it, for participating a contest for example “Reflections” I just have to click on the category ” Reflections” in “edit photo”, and it’s already in the contest just like that? Thank you!
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 10, 2016 07:18
Hi Natalia, That is correct. Thanks and all the best!
Jevgenij Scolokov
July 21, 2016 08:54
Great photos!
chandrashekhar shirur
July 21, 2016 12:56
A great image won the contest….
Mih�ly Csipes
July 21, 2016 20:27
I tried to submit some photo,but the vertification code didn’t arrived to my phone yet.Could you help me?
CoinaPhoto Marketing
July 28, 2016 05:39
Hi there! Please try uploading the photos again - you shouldn’t have any issues now. For any further questions please email suppo[email protected] and our team will assist you. Happy snapping!
August 3, 2016 04:48
nice/ i’ll be joining with your latest challenge compete.
CoinaPhoto Marketing
August 3, 2016 07:42
Brilliant. All the best, Ron.

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