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Memories 2014

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Photo Challenge: Memories 2014

April 24, 2016 06:15 0 comments

Theme: Memories 2014

Simply share your interpretation of our chosen theme – ‘Memories’ – with us and one of our fantastic prizes could be winging its way to you soon.


We’re offering total prizes worth $1000, with one lucky winner scooping the top prize of $500 of Amazon vouchers to spend on their choice of photography equipment so you can fulfil your ambitions.


Whether you choose to capture a specific happy memory like a favourite a holiday, a beautiful view, a cherished moment, or if you want to take a photo that captures the essence of the past, our competition is about creativity and originality so feel free to express yourself!


  • Paul Steele, Former CoinaPhoto contest winner


Following much deliberation, and agonising over who we felt the winner should be (given the high quality of photos submitted), we’re delighted to announce the winner of this CoinaPhoto competition is Lisa Shalom, for her beautiful, and technically brilliant photograph, Pausing For Affection. Lisa beat over 300 talented photographers to win $500 worth Amazon vouchers to spend on some new photography kit.

Our resident expert, and lead judge, Paul Steele and the rest of our judging panel were really impressed with the Lisa technique and the composition of the shot;

“Such a technically difficult photo; a still romantic kiss in the foreground with the blur of moving transportation behind… and at night! Wow! There are so many things to consider here, from saturation to low light photography, this picture really does have it all – Paul Steele

We also need to give special congratulations to our two runners up; Phuc Ngo Quang, for his beautifully captured Harvest Time’, and Sudirmanto Muchtar for his inspiring shot C-mon We Can Do It. They’re the worthy recipients of $300 and $200 worth of Amazon vouchers respectively.

As is always the case with every CoinaPhoto competition, our finalists and eventual winners were chosen after taking into consideration the number of votes achieved, how far the shot captured the proposed theme and which photo was deemed the best by our judging panel. Needless to say, we wish everyone could be a winner!

Check out the winning photos below and if you missed out on a chance to enter or win this time, you needn’t panic. Keep an eye out on the blog, as we’ll be looking to announce another competition shortly. Who knows, the next one may just be a little different…

Winner: Lisa Shalom – Pausing for Affection

1st Runner up: Phuc Ngo Quang – Harvest Time

2nd Runner up: Sudirmanto Muchtar – C’mon we can do it


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