May 20, 2018 10:58
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We can’t get over our Photo of the Day selection last week! Take a look and tell us what you think! Location Shot: Olsztyn, Poland Aniela by Marcin Galon Location Shot: Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentinian Dancer by Macarena De Noia Location Shot: Kolkata, India Child play by Somia Mallick  Location Shot: Tallinn, Estonia First Love by Anna Roos Location Shot: […]

May 17, 2018 10:00

We are back with our round up of some of the most exciting ongoing Photoduels on Coinaphoto! As the competition gets steamy, don’t forget to vote for your favourite photo to see the better one win. From flamingos to beaches and lush park scenes, we have it all at stake between the rivals this week. […]

May 15, 2018 10:50
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Keeping you in the loop is important to us, which is why last week we informed you that we are going to introduce to you our best yet token bonanza! If you missed that update, make sure you head here. We are delighted to let you know that our latest set of rules are now […]

May 13, 2018 15:14
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Not all heroes wear capes! ‘Tis the day to celebrate the main heroes in our lives. Let’s pay our respects and love to the ladies who have probably done more for us than anyone else ever will. From Guatemala to Australia, celebrate this Mother’s Day with us by viewing the photos which reflect all things special that […]

May 10, 2018 16:38

Say hello to the largest continent this Spring with your camera by your side, ready to capture all those colourfully exotic moments! The chaotic adventures of Asia are matched by the equally exciting appeal of it during springtime, which is particularly alluring this season. Ranging from India to Japan, take a trip with us to […]

May 09, 2018 14:39

The examples of amazing innovation in the Italian architecture are countless. Many Italian architectural landmarks are known globally for all the right reasons. If you plan to head to Italy or are lucky enough to live there, you better ensure your photography portfolio includes these breathtaking 5 architectural landmarks in the Bel Pease, which are […]

May 09, 2018 10:16

Are you ready for the best free token bonanza ever? On May 15th, for 24 hours only, we are launching several bonus token rewards ranging from voting on a photoduel to uploading a photo.  In addition, there will be new token rewards. All you need to do is wait for our email on the 15th […]

May 07, 2018 16:31

We know you love a good Photoduel! After all, who doesn’t like to indulge in some good old fashioned competition, especially if it helps you learn your strengths and weaknesses in photography. After the raging success of our blog featuring 4 Photoduels you must follow from last week, we have decided to feature trending Photoduels on our blog […]

May 07, 2018 11:38

From the remains of the first settlements to the Roman monuments, the Arabic influence and modern designs, Spanish architecture is rich and diverse. Your photography in Spain is incomplete without a good round up of the scenic architecture across the country. Discover 5 Architectural Landmarks in Spain that we believe you should not miss photographing! 1 […]

May 06, 2018 16:50
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A harmonious medley between the new and the ancient – Africa is a continent like no other! Few places can host a calming sense of wilderness, Africa seems to be one of them. With African World Heritage Day this month, which celebrates the cultural and natural heritage of the continent, Coinaphoto explores the 5 UNESCO […]