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Judge’s Feedback:

“This is a very emotional photo which shows a strong bond with ones grandparents highlighting sincerity and love. Life is fleeting, so such a moment is priceless for both. Great photo and great story. This is an excellent image!.” – Sandi Bertoncelj, former CoinaPhoto contest winner.

“With the tender notion backing this emotional moment coupled with the black and white composition gives the photo the right sense of a great ‘memory’, beautifully highlighting that this moment is now forever frozen in time” – Rumaisa, CoinaPhoto team member

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Mummy kisses by Michelle McCleary
“Mummy’s kisses are simple – honest and from the heart. Beautifully captured moment with nice composition and low depth of field which focuses your eyes on the right place. The moment is fantastic.” – Sandi

Lenka and Juraj by Erik Svec

“Golden hour wedding photos are gorgeous. Unusual framing and newlyweds in diagonal give the photo a dynamic angle. Fantastic composition, mood and light.” – Sandi

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