Photo challenge:

Dublin - My View

Photo Challenge: Dublin - My View

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Theme: Dublin - My View

What is not to love about the historic city of Dublin? CoinaPhoto joins forces with Griffith College, to bring the spirit of this colourful city to life by the photo contest themed 'Dublin - My View'. Through this collaboration we wish to see photos showcasing your artistic perception of the city. We challenge you to show us your favourite views of Dublin through your lens. Let us see what the city symbolizes to you! NOTE: This Photo Challenge is being run exclusively for students of Griffith College, Ireland.

About challenge


Prizes worth €700 to be given away

Grand Prize Winner: €400

First runner up: €200

Second runner up: €100

Winners will be gifted One4All vouchers and will also be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your name and photo will be showcased to hundreds of thousands on our Facebook page)!


  • Contest begins October 24, 2016 and ends November 14, 2016
  • Winners announced November 25, 2016




Photo by Emma Kennedy



  • David Levingstone - a photographer with many years experience shooting all walks of life both nationally and internationally. David has worked for Sportsfile, as a photo editor for Getty Images and photographer for iStock.
  • Kenneth O’Halloran - published in magazines such as TIME, The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde and much more besides. O’Halloran’s work has received many accolades including the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and Terry O’Neill Award.
  • Sinéad Murphy - photography program director and senior lecturer at Griffith College. She has also held the prestigous position of the Picture Editor for Irish Hospice Foundation as well as Radio Ireland.


How to enter the photo contest:

  • Select 'Upload Photo' option from the top right of the page after logging in
  • Select the photo from your device and upload it
  • Enter photo details
  • Click the ‘Enter contest’ option
  • Select the contest you wish to enter using the drop down menu


Creative brief:

Photos must fulfil the following criteria to be considered our favourites.


  • Photo must ensure all rights, including permissions from subjects and all parties displayed
  • Photos submitted must be linked to a CoinaPhoto account
  • Must have atleast 2 sizes available (S=0-5 MP,  M=5-10 MP)
  • Only students of Griffith College are eligible to win
  • All entries submitted to the contest will also feature in our market for a chance to be sold to a wide array of buyers
  • CoinaPhoto account must have a profile picture
  • Photo submitted must be photographer’s own work
  • For more information on challenge regulations, please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Remember, you don’t just take a photograph, you tell a story!

Featured image by Simon Walsh


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