September 19, 2016 10:58

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svg The main element that unites CoinaPhoto with its users is our shared love of photography! So what better way to show you some love than to share some of our best kept photography secrets to take better shots, shared with us by some of our best photographers.

1) Learn from yourself -  “Study photography related articles but most importantly – study your own photos because you are your best teacher. Learn to use your photo equipment. If photography is what you want to do for a living then you have to invest all of your time in it.” Erik Svec, winner of Powerful Women photo contest


Surfers by Erik Svec


2) Observe to find exciting new elements to an existing subject - “Observing your subtle prior and in depth is extremely vital. Observation makes a photographer complete. When one observes their surroundings well, it helps them find new forms of art within older surroundings.” - Sujit Saha, winner of our Geometry photo contest

Way to Cattle by Sujit Saha


3) There is no such as ‘the best camera’ - “The best camera and lens ever are the one you own. Don’t waste too much time on equipment. Know your passion and start to capture what you want! The subject is more important that the tools.” Lucky Stevens Oetama, winner of Pets we Love photo contest


Sleeping Beauties by Lucky Stevens Oetama


4) Blend in a bit of chemistry - “Photography is all about chemistry; that magical connection between you and your surroundings. The more personal it gets –  the better the result. My request to every photographer out there is to keep your heart and your eyes wide open. Photography only works when it is felt from within your soul.” - Macarena De Noia, prolific CoinaPhoto photographer


_MG_2720 copy
Mother & Daughter by Macarena De Noia


5) Never stop learning - “Read, read and read some more. I am a 100% self taught photographer and I spend a significant amount of time reading anything photography and lighting related. If you are not someone who likes to read, there are alternatives to help you expand your knowledge – for example there is a vast number of tutorials available online. Grab your camera and play!” - Michelle McCleary, prolific CoinaPhoto photographer


Into the Wood by Michelle McCleary


Let us know in the comments if you know a photography tip personalised to your style! Featured image by Taru Jain

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Maryam Khuzema
September 19, 2016 21:48
Michael McCleary where can I find material to read about photography ?
CoinaPhoto Team
September 21, 2016 13:21
Hi Maryam, You can read more by Michelle here: Thanks

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