August 17, 2016 12:10
Meet Macarena De Noia, who often finds herself lost in new cities while pursuing something that she loves most - photography. Believing that taking photos is her way of showing people the beauty that their sorroundings encapsulate, Macarena’s passion for photography knows no bounds. We won’t blame you if you immediately reach for your camera and feel inspired to take some shots right after reading the story behind her inspirations.


COINAPHOTO: Where were you born and where are you now based?
Macarena:  I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is where I currently reside. I am however fortunate enough to be able to constantly travel for my job. I am a Strategic Partnerships Manager for a digital firm. Travelling for work gives me the opportunity to behave like a gypsy but a very modern one with a camera in hand.
Train to Nowhere


COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop interest in photography?

Macarena: I have always been a wanderer and an observer. Whether it was a phone, basic camera, or even paper and pencil - I would creatively use random objects to help me register and express moments to my inner self.

About a year and a half ago, I found myself wishing to go out for walks and take pictures from unusual angles. I would take a break from work at midday and look for strange sculptures and buildings. I would find the best light and position to capture the moment. That is when I decided I needed to learn how to use a real camera.
Patagonia 3

CoinaPhoto: What genre of photography are you drawn to most and why?

Macarena: I am still discovering what each genre has to offer and I find joy in trying out each one of them. I don’t like to define what I do around just one genre because I am very versatile. Having that flexibility makes me feel more free to express exactly what I want the way I want.

While I travel, one of my favourite things to do is to grab my camera early in the morning and to spend the day getting lost in unknown streets looking for candid shots, capturing real life moments to immortalize their beauty.  At the same time I am very energetic, so spending hours in the mountains or in front of the ocean looking for the best light and contemplating nature’s greatness makes me feel like I am a part of something much bigger. I would have to say I find studio shots less compelling; having to manually position objects doesn’t seem as interesting to me as the challenge and satisfaction which is derived from working with uncontrollable conditions and natural elements.


Jump for Life


CoinaPhoto: Why is photography so close to your heart?
Macarena:  Life is beautiful and inspiring. Photography has enabled me to view the world from a different angle. I have always been passionate and positive. Since I took on photography people feel closer to me because they finally understand what I have been talking about for such a long time. I am surprised to have actually found people who are grateful to me for helping them see their best versions in my pictures. I guess it is my way of repaying everyone for their kindness towards me and my passion.
By the water


CoinaPhoto: Do you have any words of wisdom for budding photographers out there?

Macarena: Photography is all about chemistry; that magical connection between you and your surroundings. The more personal it gets -  the better the result. My request to every photographer out there is to keep your heart and your eyes wide open. Photography only works when it is felt. You can’t fake it. So for me it is to enjoy and make the best out of that connection - that thrill we get when we know that we have a treasure in front of us and we can capture it with that exhilarating ‘click’.


Vina Neighbourhood


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