March 21, 2016 07:46
As a rapidly growing platform, we have new photos to share with you every day from some of the most talented photographers. Today we introduce to you the vision behind our Geometry photo contest winner, Sujit Saha’s inspirations. Sujit is an avid traveller who is intrigued by the timings behind moments, which he believes turn a good shot into a great shot. Let’s explore Sujit’s journey behind the lens and discover his keen photography insights. Who knows, perhaps like him, you could be our next winner!


COINAPHOTO: The photo below was the winning shot of our ‘Geometry’ photo contest. Needless to say, we are massive fans of it. Tell us more about how and when you took it.


Sujit: This particular photograph has been captured in a dusty old village in Garbeta, West Bengal, India. The moment captured does not take place at a specific gathering or ceremony as such. However, this moment takes me back down memory lane into the olden times in India. The dress, culture, art and everything else captured in the picture dates back to a bygone era. The canvas shows a group of women who are fishing using their own nets. Locally, this net is called ‘Guni Jal’. These women catch fish and then sell it fresh in a local market. Patterns that form a particular frame always inspire me. When I shot this photo, I was travelling in a rental car from Garbeta to Bishnupur and upon seeing this beautiful view, I stopped to photograph it.

Fishing Women
COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop an interest in photography and speak to us about your learning since then. What elements of photography do you think are the most important?

Sujit: Ever since I was a child I had a passion to travel. As I grew up, my thirst to travel increased. Photography quenched this thirst as I started studying portraits and human nature during my travels by photographing them. In terms of my 8 years of experience with photography, I would say that simplicity is key. It is the simplicity of timings that turn a good shot into a great shot. As long as you time your shot right - you have the recipe for the winning photo! I try to keep it simple. I just wait for the perfect time to shoot. I always believe that time can make a moment more beautiful.

Way to Cattle Fair

CoinaPhoto: How do you find our CoinaPhoto platform? Do you have any words of wisdom for budding photographers who may want to delve into the world of photography?

Sujit: CoinaPhoto has been the best photography platform for me personally as it helps nurture thoughts of serious image makers like me. I find it interactive and fun to use. I think the one and only advice that I can give to other photographers like myself is to be observant. Observation makes a photographer complete. When one observes his surroundings well, it helps the artist find new forms of art within older surroundings. 



More of Sujit’s work can be viewed on our MARKET and is available to be downloaded. View Sujit’s profile here to see some of his photography.

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