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It is no secret that visual content beats text based content in terms of user attention retention. As every digital marketeer knows - show, don’t tell. Human mind is known to process and retain visuals much faster and for longer, so why not select stock photos for your next marketing campaign which stand out from the rest? At CoinaPhoto, we believe in the emotional connection and timelessness that black and white stock photos develop with your target audience. Discover why black and white stock photos might strike a cord with your target audience better than the rest.



1) Keep distractions at bay

Why take the attention away from the heart of your subject with too many colours which may otherwise distract your audience? Black and white photos keep the message simple, straight-forward and easy to decipher without any distracting background colours.


IIkley Moor Yorkshire by John Nicholls


2) Build an emotional connection

A good marketeer is well aware of the impact of emotional marketing. Your target audience is likely to be a lot more responsive to your campaign if they can relate to your message on a personal level. Most often this emotional connection is built with your audience through human subjects in stock photos whose expressions are genuine and relatable. For example,  a simple black and white image where the focus is on the subject’s eyes, is likely to relay the sincerity of the subject’s expressions clearer, which builds a stronger connection with your audience.


Smile by Michelle McCleary


3) Timelessness

A black and white image creates a sense of timelessness. Nothing beats a bit of a vintage touch. Use that to your advantage to incorporate the all-time-classic element to your campaign to ensure that your message stays with your target audience.


Railroad Bridge by Vince Hooley


4) Save your bucks

We can all agree that black and white photos can make your photos seem more mysterious. If variables such as clothing items, background settings and trends are muted out of the photo by using black and white settings, the emphasis remains on the subject and not any other elements which you don’t want to draw attention to. It remains a mystery exactly what year the photo is from  so you can simply re-use the image in different campaigns over a certain period of time.


Monochrome by Aleksandr Sumarokov


If you are looking for unique black and white stock photos for your next marketing campaign, check our our extensive range of black and white photos from our market.

Featured image by Sandi Bertoncelj

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