July 13, 2016 16:21
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We are all guilty of taking a cheeky photo or two of our beloved pets. However, CoinaPhoto photographer Lucky Stevens Oetama went a notch further and dedicated all his passion to pet photography. We don’t blame him as his pets are adorable. Read on to discover why Lucky found his expertise in such a niche form of photography.


COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop interest in photography?
Lucky: I got my first pocket film camera in 1991. It was simple and operated on auto-mode only. I remember as a kid, I felt very happy with this ‘magical tool’ which can capture everything with just a press of a button. I snapped photos of everything around me and wondered how the results will be when I printed them out the next day. I think my interest in photography started from that moment.
I purchased my first DSLR in 2004 when digital came to replace the old analog SLR. This was the time that I took photography more seriously and found my passion in pet photography.
Playing chess with pit bull


COINAPHOTO: We love your shot ‘Sleeping Beauties’ below. It also won our ‘Pets we love’ photo contest. Tell us a bit about your inspiration behind it.
Lucky: My inspiration was simply love!!! It was love at first sight. Puppies always make me fall in love. They are cute, innocent and adorable. This image was taken in my living room. I paid close attention to notice the puppies’ behavior before I took the photo. It was always a special moment to me to see them fall asleep and hug each other for a couple minutes each time. So I waited until the puppies fell asleep, I placed them in a pattern on the living room sofa where the warm light came from the window. I just love the ambience at that time.
Sleeping Beauties


CoinaPhoto:  What draws you towards pet photography?

Lucky: The truth is that I am also a pet lover. I know that animal don’t lie to you. Just look into their eyes and their eyes will reflect the truth of their feelings. That’s why I love to photograph pets.



Smiling pit bull
CoinaPhoto:  Why is photography so close to your heart?
Lucky: For me photography is about depicting truth. What you see is what you capture. No more no less. That’s why I love photography as it freezes moments in reality.
Sleeping Puppy

CoinaPhoto: Do you have any words of of wisdom for budding photographers out there?

Lucky: Know your passion and start to capture what you want. The best camera (and lens) ever is the one you have!


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Brooke Reed
August 1, 2016 05:48
OMG! I love pet photography your such an inspiration. I got the passion of pet photography when i was in 4th grade and to this day im still doing it and i’m going into 11th grade this year

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