October 25, 2016 16:48


As we get cosier this autumn, we have been appreciating your beautiful seasonal shots from all across the world more than ever. With October drawing to a close, have a look at the compilation of some of our favourite shots from our market.



Girl in Forest by Avram Iancu


Why we love it: The photo accurately gives an example of how big and overwhelming this world can sometimes appear to be. It allows us to see how nature reigns supremely over all our senses. We love the autumnal theme!


Alone by Nawfal Jirjees


Why we love it: The desert is vast and expansive however the grainy quality of the sand remains imminent. The difference in the shadows falling over sand dunes give the photo a sense of powerful euphoria.


London Night by Mustafa Karaaslan


Why we love it: Being one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, London never fails to amaze! The excellent picture quality is highlighted by the buzzing traffic which adds an oomph and colour to the evening skies around Big Ben.


Autumn by Mehmed Skopljak


Why we love it: There is something highly romanticised about autumn for all the right reasons. The photographer has taken this shot from such a natural angle that the viewers almost gets the feeling of being within this setting.


A Starry Glow by Mark Gamblin


Why we love it: Despite the subject being the sharp mountains against this natural setting, there is a sense of softness and subtleness about this photo. Nothing beats the colour composition in this photo!


Which of our top photos was your favourite this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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