June 22, 2016 10:08
Photography used as a means of documenting one’s life in a diary is certainly a concept that we could get used to. Look no further as we chat to Erik Svec, a prolific photographer at CoinaPhoto, who introduced this idea to us.


COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop interest in photography?
Erik: It all started in 2004 when I bought small compact camera which initially established my interest in photography. Forward two years, I purchased my first DSLR, which became my closest friend for the next eight years. Getting this was the best step I took because it enabled me to expand my interests within different genres of photography and made my passion for it stronger. My photos were published in magazines the same year I bought my DSLR, so from my point of view, the beginning was quite a successful one.


COINAPHOTO: We love the shot below. It also won our ‘Powerful Women’ photo contest. Tell us a bit about the shot. 
Erik: The winning shot was taken in my hometown, Nove Zamky, in Slovakia. The powerful woman in this photo is actually my sister. She was very excited about her new hairstyle and asked me to take her shots. I am glad I took up her suggestion as it ended up in me winning ‘Powerful Women’ photo contest!

CoinaPhoto: Why is photography so close to your heart?

Erik: It is important to me as it symbolises a diary which keeps a log of my life. I am also lucky that it is my job. So I am not just documenting my own life, but also lives of my clients. This is my perception. I think everyone has something unique or special that they are drawn to and it is pertinent to discover what it may be for you as it might be your passion. People who discover their passion at a younger age are quite lucky. 

CoinaPhoto: Do you have any words of of wisdom for budding photographers out there?

Erik: Learn to use your photo equipment. Study photography related articles but most importantly - study your photos. If photography is what you want to do for a living then you have to invest all of your time in it.
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