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We don’t know about you but we are quite overwhelmed that 2017 is almost upon us! Despite the arrival of new year being a terrifying thought, we are highly excited to see a come back of some of our favourite photography trends in 2017. Here are some of the photography trends to watch out for next year.




1) Use of flash

We are all aware of the negativity sorrounding the use of flash. However, flash makes a come back in 2017 and it appears that it’s here to stay. The subtle highlight from flash brightens up your shot and gives your subject a beaming glow.


2) Complicated Patterns

Interesting patterns and backgrounds awaken the artist even in the laziest ones of us! Look out for unusual patterns, designs and backgrounds against your subject and embrace the change in 2017.


3) Tattoos

Love them or hate them - tattoos are here to stay! Make your photos even more creative by adding in some artfully designed tattoos!


4) Mobile

Technology is advancing faster than our thoughts! Who needs to lunge around cameras everywhere with current mobile phones’ camera quality? It comes as no surprise that many photographers prefer to shoot on their mobiles for ease of mobility and the ability to shoot anytime and anywhere!



5) Astrophotography

Prepare to be  mindblown because astrophotography is sublime and is going to be highly coveted in 2017. There is nothing more beautiful than the serenity of our universe so we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this photography trend next year!


6) Aerial photography

Drones had quite an impact in 2016 and it seems like their popularity is nowhere close to fading away any time soon. With the ability to capture above and beyond, drone photography is set to play a major role again in 2017.



7) Film

The classic touch that film photography has over digital is making a come back! Capture your special moments in film to make them eternally vibrant.


Watch this space for more photography trends to look out for in 2017 coming your way very soon.

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