March 28, 2016 06:59

2016 is definitely whizzing past us! We are certainly surprised that March is almost over. However, the end of the month also brings to us one of our favourite activities of selecting our top photos in the month! We have to add that it was certainly not easy picking out our top selections this month. Go ahead and check if some of your favourites have made it to the list in March. Keep submitting your spectacular photos to us for a chance to be featured yourself!



Check some of our favourite photos below, with some of CoinaPhoto photographers letting us in on where they get their general photographic inspirations from.

Spirit Lake by Arturas Burming


Arturas’s inspirations:  When I was around 4 years old, I found my grandmother’s camera in the closet. My Godfather purchased me my first films and explained the basics of how to operate the instrument. Since then photography has been an integral part of my whole life. In terms of expression, photography is a mother tongue to me.



Ancient Temple by Swaroop Roy


Swaroop’s inspirations: As a travel photographer myself, I personally think that any aspiring travel photographer should make the most of their travel journey and take as many photos as possible so later they can select their favourite ones and make a special collection. You never know where your best shots might end up some day!


Music of Colours by Karthik Chandrasekar


Why we love it: The vibrancy of colours matched with the joy on the children’s faces is incredible!


Mistry from Morning by Dedi Erfiadi


Why we love it: This aerial shot is mystifying. It makes one realise how vast our planet is and how small we are in comparison to it, however using the right technology we can capture these sublime beautiful moments perfectly!


An Educed Architectonic Figment by Akush Bharti


Why we love it: We love the way that the clear reflection compliments the background. The photo excudes an electronic mix of colours!


So what did you think of out top 5 favourite photos this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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