July 31, 2016 15:24



With the end of one of our favourite summer months, we bring to you a mini collection of the photos from our market that have been a few of our favourites in July. Have a look below and let us know if you like them as much as we do!


Happy friends rejoice outdoors by Aleksandr Sumarokov


Why we love it: Actions speak louder than words. The expressions of sheer joy on the faces of this group of friends is genuine and speaks volume for the amount of fun that they are having!



Colourful Houses by Iza Oblak


Why we love it: Undeniably clear reflection, bright colours and an interesting angle - this shot has it all covered!



Minute Decision by Tran Dan Van


Why we love it: The photographer freezes a critical moment in a versatile fight beautifully without blurring any of the action. We couldn’t be more fond of this photo for the expert technique that it employs.


Steam Train by Daniel Adreica


Why we love it: Steam Trains in Mocanita form a popular tourist attraction. It may be summer but this beautifully bright winter shot makes us dread winter less!


Radisson Blu by Eduard Gorobets


Why we love it: A lot can be said about a city from its skyline. This view accurately summarises the idea of summer in Tallin.


Which of our top photos was your favourite this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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