August 10, 2016 16:32

With a wide variety of socially generated stock photos available at your disposal, CoinaPhoto meets your business’ stock photography needs. We don’t believe in generic and staged stock photography content; the best creative needs authentic, socially and locally relevant imagery.

Tailoring authentic social stock photography with the specific needs of your business makes your campaign resonate strongly with your audience.  Social stock photography should be free of controlled elements and should come across as genuine, unscripted and oftentimes unique.

Here’s just a few of reasons why you should choose CoinaPhoto for your next marketing campaign:

1)    CoinaPhoto offers a wide array of photos in its digital library featuring content from photographers from all across the globe. Do you have a specific target audience? Buy from a photographer who understands the needs of your audience best!

2)   Our vast library of socially generated stock photography allows us to react to the latest digital content trends, meaning that your creative is always on point.

3)   Your audience is smarter than ever and demands tailor made content! With a long list of categories to choose from, we have relevant stock photography options for all of your campaigns – no matter who your target market may be.

4)   Authentic social stock photography allows your audience to relate to your content on a more personal level, generating more sales.

5)   Have a creative brief but just can’t find the right image?  CoinaPhoto provides brands and agencies with the opportunity to brief our entire database of photographers (that’s over 34,000 creative professionals!) to find the perfect image for your next campaign.

Create your own CoinaPhoto buyer account here to find the authentic social stock photographs your campaign desperately needs, or get in touch with us here to speak with someone from our team.



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