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If the launch of our new iOS photography app, our Instagram channel AND a new photography competition, A Mobile Christmas, wasn’t enough excitement for you, well we’ve got some more great news! It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the founder and star of She Wears Fashion, and our latest photography friend, Kavita Donkersley.

If you haven’t already seen Kavita’s latest projects and photos in Vogue, Elle and Company magazine, here’s a little bit of info on the lovely northern beauty.  Kavita is a huge photography fan and loves sharing photos of her latest fashion and beauty projects. She started her blog, She Wears Fashion, when she was just 16 and her following has been growing ever since. Kavita has collaborated with the likes of Miss Selfridge, Macy’s, GHD and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to name but a few. To see some of this fashionistas latest work make sure you check out her latest travels and tales at She Wears Fashion.

Hey Kavita! It’s great to finally introduce you to our CoinaPhoto followers. As you know we’re huge fans of your projects. For our followers could you tell us a bit about yourself and how She Wears Fashion started?

I started she wears fashion at the age of 16 as a hobby at school. I’d just moved to a new one and knew no one, and my love for fashion had started to blossom when I stumbled upon my first ever fashion blog. Ever since then I was hooked and wanted a little piece of the Internet to call my own!

How did you get into creative photography within your blog?

It took a long time and I’m still learning different techniques and angles but I’m completely into the setting and backdrop of composing my blog photos. Having different outfits and having them compliment different surroundings, as well as being able to showcase a location such as a different location around the world is key in the creative side of my blogs photography.

You spend a lot of time creating cool and creative photography shots for your blog. From a photography stand point, what inspires you?

Street style photographers such as the Sartorialist or Stockholm streetstyle are some of my favourite inspirations for creating my street style photos. How they can capture a person’s outfit which also seems to express their own emotion or creativity is mind blowing and I am forever trying to up my game thanks to their inspiration.

How do you go about choosing your photographer for your projects?

I have my 16 year old sister who has been doing it from the beginning and I guess has learnt stuff just like I have along the way! But when she isn’t available in certain places I will usually try and scout out some cool local photographers - it’s always nice to collaborate with someone different!

You travel a lot! What are your photography travel essentials?

Oh my goodness! My standard Nikon d7000 with its 50mm lens and then my compact camera which is pretty nifty for quick shots and when I don’t want to fumble around with a big camera. I also try and bring along Polaroid cameras and my iPhone Izzi case which is amazing for being able to shoot amazing iPhone photos for social media on the go!

With the advent of social media and mobile technology people are sharing more photographs than ever before. Why do you think this is?

I think being able to share photos and telling a story through photos is incredibly beautiful and it’s also great that everything is so visual these days - a picture really can say a thousand words and it’s so great that I can almost bring my readers along with me on many of my trips almost ‘through my eyes’ because of how visual it all is!

What’s your favourite feature about CoinaPhoto?

I love the idea of giving different coins for photos - it’s such a simple concept but such a great way for budding photographers to not only connect with other like-minded people but to actually support them for their work and not just giving a ‘like’ but actually doing something a little extra.

Do you think there are any differences in technique between taking a photo of say a landscape and fashion photography?

There’s a huge difference! I guess fashion photography is its own little niche and the focus is completely on the outfit and person rather than the whole shot. For instance I would use a 50mm lens for a shot of myself in a street style setting as the blurry background means I am in focus - however if I was to shoot a landscape the whole picture is important so I personally would shoot with a different lens …It’s little things like that I think that really make a difference!

If you were going to share your top photography tips to an aspiring fashion photographers, what would they be?

  • Remember it takes time and you won’t be able to have the best cameras and kit straight away. Play around first.
  • Always try and improve and look at other bloggers or fashion photographers for ideas of composition.
  • A 50mm or 35mm lens will be your best friend for fashion photography - I haven’t looked back!

And now your definitely don’ts?

  • Don’t try and be the best straight away and feel inadequate if your work isn’t as good as say the biggest ones out there.. Try and see it as inspiration to try harder not to give up!
  • Don’t always listen to people who think you should do things a certain way. Everyone said I should get a canon but I ended up with a Nikon due to just preferring it… Everyone has different preferences

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I’ve just come back from an awesome trip in New York with Macy’s but for the rest of the year I’m pretty much at home in England - for once! I might hop over to Berlin for New Years to visit my best friend but other than that I guess we will just have to see… It’s always last minute but I’ll always have my camera charged and ready waiting!

K Xxxx

That’s all from Kavita for now but we’ll be catching up with her very soon. Stay tuned for more news on Kavita and CoinaPhoto.

Happy Snapping!


*All photography rights in this post are reserved to She Wears Fashion Photography


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