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THEME: GRAND INDONESIA Capturing the patriotic spirit of Indonesiaappdownload-175x300
TEMA: INDONESIA BAGUS Menangkap semangat patriotik Rakyat Indonesia

  • Submissions 1 August to 24 August
  • Winners announced 25 August
  • Pengajuan tgl. 1 Agustus - 24 Agustus
  • Pemenang diumumkan tgl. 25 Agustus
THE STORY The tropical country with a thousand islands and over 300 ethnic groups, are still unified with national pride. We capture the spirit of Indonesian culture and pride with our latest competition in celebration of Indonesia’s upcoming Independence Day. We would like to recognize our amazing Indonesian CoinaPhoto community, thank you for being amazing members and contributing to our global photography community and market! What does patriotism look like to you?
KISAH tentang negara tropis dengan seribu pulau dan lebih dari 300 kelompok etnis, yang masih bersatu dengan kebanggaan nasional. Kami akan menangkap semangat budaya dan kebanggaan rakyat Indonesia melaluhi kompetisi terbaru kami dalam perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia yang mendatang. Kami ingin mengenal komunitas CoinaPhoto Indonesia kami yang menakjubkan, terima kasih telah menjadi anggota yang luar biasa dan memberikan kontribusi kepada komunitas fotografi dan market global kami! Menurut Anda seperti apakah semangat patriotisme itu?
JUDGES/CRITERIA Judges will be the CoinaPhoto team and guest judge. We will be judging on subject, focus, composition and overall originality based on the theme: Grand Indonesia. We love creativity! Photos must not previously have won an award in one of our previous photography contests. Photographers may win more than one CoinaPhoto contest but cannot win consecutive contests.
  • Angie Quach, Member of CoinaPhoto Team
  • Chris Grayson, Senior Account Executive of Wolfstar London PR Team (providing an agency perspective on great stock photography)

JURI/KRITERIA Juri adalah berasal dari tim tamu dan juri CoinaPhoto. Kami akan menilai subjek, fokus, komposisi dan orisinalitas keseluruhan berdasarkan tema: Indonesia Bagus. Kami suka kreativitas! Foto tidak harus foto yang sebelumnya telah memenangkan penghargaan di salah satu kontes fotografi kami sebelumnya. Fotografer dapat memenangkan lebih dari satu kontes CoinaPhoto tapi tidak bisa memenangkan kontes secara berturut-turut.

  • Angie Quach, Anggota Tim CoinaPhoto
  • Chris Grayson, Akuntan Eksekutif Senior dari Tim PR London Wolfstar (memberikan perspektif agensi pada fotografi modal besar)


  • Grand Prize Winner: Judges‘ Choice- $500 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your names and photo will be showcased to thousands on our Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • 1st Runner Up: $300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment
  • 2nd Runner Up: $200 Amazon voucher for photography equipment


  • Pemenang Hadiah Utama: Pilihan Juri - $500 voucher Amazon untuk peralatan fotografi dan akan ditampilkan dalam kampanye media sosial kami yang akan datang (nama dan foto Anda akan dipamerkan kepada ribuan orang di halaman Facebook dan Twitter kami)
  • Runner Up 1: $300 voucher Amazon untuk peralatan fotografi
  • Runner Up 2: $200 voucher Amazon untuk peralatan fotografi


  1. Sign up/Log in to CoinaPhoto
  2. Click on the ‘Upload’ icon on the top of the screen
  3. Go to ‘Add Market’ and follow the upload photo process
  4. Choose ‘Grand Indonesia’ in Category drop down
  5. Submit your photos
  6. Once your photo is approved, it will be visible in the ‘Market’ section of the website in the ‘Grand Indonesia’ category


  1. Daftar/Login ke
  2. Klik pada ikon ‘Upload’ di bagian atas layar
  3. Pergi ke “Tambahkan Market” dan lanjutkan proses upload foto
  4. Pilih “Grand Indonesia” pada Kategori
  5. Kirim foto Anda
  6. Setelah foto Anda disetujui, maka akan terlihat di bagian “Market” dari website dalam kategori “Grand Indonesia”

*Feature Photo by CoinaPhoto user Dani Daniar

* Foto Fitur oleh CoinaPhoto pengguna Dani Daniar

Good luck to all our contestants! Remember, you don’t just take a photograph, you tell a story!

Semoga beruntung kepada semua kontestan kami! Ingat, Anda bukan hanya sekedar mengambil foto, tetapi Anda menceritakan sebuah kisah!





CoinaPhoto User: Edo Johanes Sihombing

Photo: Sharpshooter

Judge’s Feedback: “This photograph is magnificent as it’s obviously taken right in the middle of the action. You can see that the photographer has not stopped the subjects to pose, he has simply shot at the right time. I think this photograph is very interesting to those who are not from Indonesia as it gives you a look at their tribal customs and traditions.” -Chris Grayson, Senior Account Executive of Wolfstar London PR Team


CoinaPhoto User: Ed Nofri

Photo: Age is not a barrier to keep working

Judge’s Feedback: “The content of this photo is great. This photo of a traditional elderly Indonesian  woman sewing an Indonesian flag symbolizes her deep roots in the country. The subject also has a haunting gaze. Strong control of light for this photo as well.” -Angela QuachCoinaPhoto Team Member

CoinaPhoto User: Muh Mizanul Haq
Judge’s Feedback: Pepeka Rimakka Dance contains religious messages combined with social culture and usually performed on national holidays. It’s historic origin was to symbolize the entry of Islam into South Sulawesi. For this photo the timing is incredible and the passion of the dancers felt! ” -Angela QuachCoinaPhoto Team Member
(The original grand prize winner of the competition was not able to provide necessary evidence to show IP rights to the picture and has therefore been disqualified, Coinaphoto takes your intellectual rights seriously and work hard to protect your work. Please review our Terms & Conditions for more details.)
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