February 11, 2016 09:26
It is almost Valentines Day! The CoinaPhoto team believes that love should be celebrated not just one day of the year, but every day! We have collated some of our favourite shots received from you from all round the year which capture the idea of love and passion. We decided to ask some of the photographers who took pictures featured here for the inspirations behind capturing the shots which sum up the element of love so simplistically.


Daddy’s Girl by Hillary Clarke
Hillary, “This photo was taken at my home. It’s one of my favorite photos because I just happened to have my camera at the perfect moment. This is my daughter and husband. My daughter woke up feeling a bit grumpy that morning and all she wanted to do was hug her daddy. The doll in the background is her “safety doll.” You can tell by my husband’s expression that he is trying to savour this moment. My daughter does not like to snuggle at all so this was a very rare moment. This picture accurately summarises love because in this shot my daughter has everything she possibly could want, her daddy, a hug and her favourite doll!”


People on the sea in Autumn by Jevgenij Scolokov
Jevgenij, “This photo was taken in 2013 when I went to visit my mother, who lives in a small city in Liepaja, near the Baltic sea in Latvia. This particular day it was horribly windy outside. However, we decided to go out together anyway to spend some family time together. We were with my sister and her husband and it turned out to be an amazing family adventure! I generally like to take unsual photos where I can capture the true power of nature and combine it with the human element of love and togetherness.”
Abdul by Irwan Setiawan
Irwan, “I took this picture in Cifor Forest, located in Bogor, Indonesia. It captures the perfect moment between my friend and his son. The calmness of the woods and the serenity of the elated moment between the father and son really compliment each other, which really inspired me.”

Check out a few more of our favourite shots below that capture the element of love, passion and togetherness!


The First Dance by Kiran Benny
Sister by Binoy Uthup

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we love all of you who follow us. We are thankful to you for always supporting us and our mutual love of photography and we would like to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day!

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M Sarkar
February 12, 2016 15:41
Abdul by Irwan Setiawan - Wow, what lighting and colors!!
CoinaPhoto Marketing
February 14, 2016 10:14
Thank you! It is definitely on of our favourite shots!

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