September 29, 2015 11:08

Time-lapse photography is a wonderful technique that allows you to see the natural progression of time, without having to appdownload-175x300wait through the actual length of it.

From a flower coming into bloom, to a city changing from daytime hustle and bustle to the dark of the night, time-lapse photography allows you to capture scenes that no other technique can.

It’s also an easy concept to grasp, your camera takes a sequence of images of a subject, with an interval of time between each image. The time that lapses can vary from less than a second, to months or even years. You can then create a slideshow, with video editing software to join all of your images together.  Creative and challenging, time-lapse photography is a great bridge between still photography and videography.

However, you will need certain equipment to make sure you capture the perfect photographs. That’s why we’re here to give you a helping hand.

To capture time-lapse photographs, specific solid equipment is essential. Here are 5 pieces of solid equipment that you will need.


1)    A sturdy tripod

Photo credit: Hendri Sean 

A solid platform that you are extremely comfortable shooting from is an essential as this is what the stability of your video depends upon. More often than not, the bigger, heavier tripods are better. Keep in mind that your camera will remain in the same position for a while and the slightest shake of wind could ruin your shot. If you are worried that your tripod is not sturdy enough, an easy trick is to hang your camera bag on it – this will provide greater stability that is necessary in long exposure shots.


2) An exceptional camera

Photo credit: Irman Andriana 

Although this may seem like an obvious one, you will not get a high quality photograph if you are using a low quality camera. A DSLR is probably the best one to use. Make sure you take a test shot first, this will help you calculate your exposure. Then switch your camera into manual mode, using your test shots to set the aperture. Easy!


3)    Intervalameter

Photo credit: Ahmad Masri

This is a timer that will take your shots, it works by operating the shutter regularly at set intervals over a period of time. A quick note though – some cameras will already have the device built in, especially recent Nikon cameras. Otherwise you’ll need a remote control that offers this facility.


4) Natural Density filter

Photo credit: Ikhen Fly

A natural density filter is another essential part of your time-lapse kit that helps you control your exposure and shutter speeds for a smoother shot. ND filers allow you to drag the shutter in bright conditions. The result will be stunning, with fast moving action enhancing the pace of life.

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