February 08, 2016 05:22
Throw in some seascapes and landscape and blend them in with the desire for adventure. Sean Pierce’s love affair with these themes has inspired us to get up close with him and discover exactly what it is that makes his photography stand out. The CoinaPhoto team are massive fans of Sean’s work! Sean has been a winner of our ‘Point of View’ photo contest and has had various photos by him feature as our photos of the day!


COINAPHOTO: We are utterly mesmerised by the shot of a private beach at Laguna beach by you (image below). Tell is a little bit about the journey behind the lens. Where were you when you took it?
Sean: I took this photo on a secluded private beach in Laguna Beach, California. It’s only accessible during a low tide, at higher tides you can’t reach this beach. The ocean fills this pool and another pool that is adjacent to this one. I planned on photographing this beach ahead of time, I actually came to photograph the sun setting into a cave that was right behind me, I knew the exact angle the sun was setting at by using an online tool called “The Photographer’s Ephermis” which calculates the sun and moon’s positions.


Infinity Reflections
COINAPHOTO: What subjects inspire you?
SEAN: I love photographing landscapes, particularly seascapes. I love the adventure it brings to me and that I can share those experiences with others through my photography.
Rooting the Milkyway
COINAPHOTO: What other photographers do you admire?
Sean: There are quite a few photographers that I admire, most of the photographers that work for NatGeo such as Paul Nicklen. I also enjoy works by Tom Anderson, the creator of MySpace who now travels the world photographing.
Logging the gorge
COINAPHOTO: How are you finding CoinaPhoto? 

Sean: Coinaphoto has grown on me, it was a bit confusing at first on navigating and finding other inspiring photographers.

More of Sean’s work can be viewed on our MARKET and is available to be downloaded.


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