August 19, 2015 12:38

Art is a tricky concept that can be interpreted in a whole manner of different ways. Whether it’s a painting or a sculpture, appdownload-175x300art is all about the visual, your imagination and the emotion it is capable of provoking. If you’re an artist trying to capture pieces of work, or a photographer with an eye for the quirky and unusual, snapping art can be, at times, very difficult and requires great photographic techniques. With this in mind, here we share three techniques to help you capture striking artistic shots in the easiest way possible.

1.    Make the most of lighting

Lighting is an extremely important factor to bear in mind when you’re taking photographs of artwork. You will find that the best photographs probably come when you’re shooting in natural, indirect light– so if you can shoot outdoors on a cloudy or overcast day. Should you be capturing a painting, direct sunlight will cause a glare, and if you can’t take the snaps outdoors, window lit rooms can offer indirect sunlight. Try to avoid flash light at all costs, shooting inside with flash is remarkably harder due to the hot spots it creates, which will ruin your photograph.

Light can also be an interesting focus to create an artsy type photograph. Take this gorgeous photograph ‘Coffe Bokeh‘ by Iwan SaputraThe colourful light adds an extra layer of visual to the photograph, giving it an artsy feel and an added visual dimension.

2. Utilise your tripod

The first rule of many artists is to always use a tripod. In fact, many wouldn’t even attempt to take photographs without their tripod. Using a tripod means you can avoid shaky fingers which can result in blurring and distortion of your photograph. ‘Ghost’, a beautifully eerie shot by Seamus Pop is captured in extreme clarity with no distortion, for a fantastic effect.

3. Keep things interesting

Find the most exquisite art work, or beautiful scene to capture. This will always keep your photography interesting. No one wants to capture an artsy shot that has been seen a thousand times so it is crucial your work is unique. Sometimes these moments will just come to you, when creativity is at an all-time high and you find a perfect subject.

Take a look at ‘Silent’ by Djeff Act – the picture can be interpreted in a variety of ways and will tell a different story to every individual. The distant subject coupled with the black and white effect, creates a dramatic undertone making it a commendable photo. It gets the mind racing as to what emotion the photographer is trying to express, is it sadness, fear, bravery? It is artistic photographs like this one which are a huge hit on CoinaPhoto, and for a good reason.

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