January 23, 2015 17:19

With technology accelerating and social networks bringing us all together, the world of photography is being propelled towards an exciting new future. Creative minds and eyes behind the lens are hungrier than ever to find the next best thing to inspire the observer and isolate a moment in time that dazzles them.

2014 was packed with photography trends, so we thought we’d give you a couple of examples that captured the attention and imagination of the public. Fashion has always had a huge influence on photography, and 2014 saw a shift in trends, following the demise of the “Hipster” culture. The public has begun to gravitate back to a more stylized, old-fashioned look, giving their photography a vintage twist - classic and authentic, yet a modern take on our culture. Although our style may have been taken back to the past, our technology has moved in the opposite direction. With the rise of wearable gadgets, smartphones and social networks, we didn’t just take the photos on our new toys, we captured the technology itself that has become intertwined with our lifestyle. Passionate photographers have given us a glimpse into the 21st century world we live in.

As we leave the past behind us, we often wonder, what’s next? Luckily for you, we are sharing our insight into what we think is set to trend in 2015. We have all seen it used in the world of movies, but now it’s the “letter box” look that seems to be making its way into modern photography. People are capturing that cinematic feel in a still frame;  simple yet effective. After all a picture says a thousand words!  Following on is potentially another hot trend, the use of monochrome. Photographers are capturing stunning nostalgic imagery by using bright whites and strong blacks. The outcome is an angelic glow with solid texture and definition - an impressive technique likely to sprinkle a bit of magic on your portrait shots.

Joy and happiness are not only outcomes of art, but they also seem to be a conceptual focus: those with a camera are capturing the celebration of life through the social interactions you find when crowds come together through understanding and compassion. We truly believe this is another thought provoking angle to take that shows appreciation for what makes the human race so unique at the core.

This year could potentially spawn some of the best photography in decades, so if you think you have 2015′s next hot shot then please don’t forget to share it in the CoinaPhoto public gallery. We are eagerly waiting to see what the talent out there has to offer.


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