October 22, 2015 15:28

appdownloadCoinaPhoto connects you to a community for real photography. As the World’s Digital Photo Market, we get asked by photographers how to make their work stand our in our Market. Some photos in our Market get hundreds of unique searches a day while others only get a lot less. We try our best to make sure your work gets discovered on our platform by the right people. We want to help you stand out on CoinaPhoto. So here’s some insider advice: keywords are your best friend!


What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the words and phrases that our users type into the search box of our Market search engine. This helps user match with photos they are looking for.

Google, #hashtags, trending topics, etc. all share something in common: Keywords. Keywords are very important in today’s online world to help people find what they are looking for. When done well, using the right keywords can skyrocket your photos to successful download sales on CoinaPhoto!


Where can I add Keywords to my photo?

You can add keywords from the Upload page.

  1. Sign up/Log in to CoinaPhoto
  2. Click on the ‘Upload’ icon on the top of the screen
  3. Go to ‘Add Market’ and follow the upload photo process
  4. On the 4th step, set keywords that are appropriate for your photo. Make sure to separate keywords with a comma! 
  5. Submit your photos
  6. Once your photo is approved, it will be visible in the ‘Market’ section of the website in the appropriate category



What keywords are best for my photo?

In choosing a keyword for your business, it is very important to put a little bit of  time and thought into your keywords. A rule of thumb: consider keywords that other users may be searching for. Also, think of similar words for your subject or concept. For example: 

Sean Pierce’s photo “Constellation Scorpio”

his keywords are:

night,  sky,  stars (similar words)

scorpio,  constellations,  enviromental, portrait (words other parties may be searching for based on his photo)


Capturing the perfect moment should always be the main priority of your photography.

But we hope that we  provided you a little advice in really showcasing your work to our global online community on CoinaPhoto. Now show us what you got, you tech-savvy photographer you!

Are there any other tips you want to share to selling your photos on CoinaPhoto?  Leave a comment below OR chat with us Twitter or Facebook!

*Feature photo by Bobby Ishak

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