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appdownloadSimon Satria was born and raised in the beautiful mutli-island country of Indonesia. His photography reflects his love for his home country. Simon has been shooting for only 4 years, but has taken thousands of photos throughout his journey. We fell in love with his distinctive, dramatic shots of  local tribes and romantic beach coastlines. His technique brings definition to every wrinkle or ripple he shares with us.


COINAPHOTO: We really love your work! The photo below was feature as “Photo of the Day” on CoinaPhoto. Tell us more about it.
SIMON: I don’t consider myself a real travel photographer, but wherever I go, I do try to capture my favorite spots. For this photo, I just noticed the position of the coconut trees with the set background on the west coast of Nirwana Beach in West Sumatra. Then I set my gears to really capture the background. The tree’s position dominantly attracted most of the attention and it looked beautiful this way.
Touching the Horizon
COINAPHOTO: What subjects inspire you?
SIMON: Anything can really attract my attention - but mostly nature and human interests are my preferred subjects. Since I am just an “auto addict” in photography, I rarely refer to technical matter. I like to observe other’s works and try them by myself on a trial and error basis. So far as a beginner, I have already captured thousands of photos for 4 years on many subjects, mainly in my country of Indonesia.
COINAPHOTO: Your photography is amazing for someone who has been shooting for only 4 years! Are there any photographers you admire?

Jimmy Nelson with his Tribal Trips has highly attracted my attention. His work is amazing! Recently, I’ve admired all the on-site photographers I have been traveling with. I love to study and analyze their process of how they capture amazing photos on the spot. To the point that I have a negative perception of people who manipulate their work too much in the editing process.
Rest in Peace
COINAPHOTO: How do you use CoinaPhoto as a photographer?
SIMON: Coinaphoto is unique photography website with social media elements. I was referred to this site by one of my friends. I’m glad we can set our own prices to our photos, but would like to be recommended prices based on the market. Coinaphoto is quick, responsive and sensitive and I am looking forward to its growth!
What do you think of Simon’s work? Check out more of his work. All his photos are available for download in our MARKET.
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M Sarkar
December 21, 2015 05:31
Amazing work. Congratulations, Simon!
Simon Satria
December 22, 2015 18:28
Thanks by the way……M Sarkar

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