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Ralph Harvey is an up-and-coming photographer based in the UK. His wildlife photography will make you think he has held his photoshoots in the deepest jungles of the world, but he’s a bit more savvy accessing resources closer to home. His wildlife photography is mainly inspired from his local zoo and his job at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. We get to know more about Ralph and his passion behind the lens.




COINAPHOTO: We love this profile shot of the mighty lion!  Where were you when you took it?

RALPH: The image was captured at Bristol Zoo, my wife and I go there often. It’s a calm and relaxing place to be, the lions spend most of the day asleep, so I was very fortunate to catch this one  sitting up with the warm sun on its face.
COINAPHOTO: What techniques did you use to capture this gazing lion?
RALPH: The image is taken through plexiglass, which is hard enough to get a crisp shot through, especially with fingerprints on one side and paw prints on the other. I had my Canon 70d and Sigma 50-500 lens- a great combination for the zoo, gives you a wide focal range which in this case worked well. The back of the enclosure was all in shade so with the sun on the lion’s face, I was fortunate to get this striking shot.
COINAPHOTO: How did you first get into photography?
RALPH: I am from a small town in Wiltshire called Melksham.  I first became interested in photography at about 15 or 16 years old, when I borrowed my grandfathers “Box Brownie” to take to a local air show - and I was hooked from then. I had to wait until my 18th birthday before I got my first “real” camera, which was  a very basic Zenith TTL. I currently use a Canon eos 70d usually with my Sigma 50-500 OS Lens, though I would like to get the Canon 7d - but that’s a long way off yet.
COINAPHOTO: What subjects inspire you?
RALPH: I am inspired by many types of photography, but what really inspires me is anything I haven’t done myself ! I always want to learn new things…  so if I have not done it, I want to! There are a lot of still a lot of things to photograph!

COINAPHOTO: What advice would you give other photographers?

I am completely self-taught so I don’t know all the rules some photographers work with, but I am a firm believer that rules are made to be broken or at least bent… so if it works, do it!

COINAPHOTO: How are you finding CoinaPhoto?
RALPH: I like the Coinaphoto site. It’s well laid out, it’s easy to find what you want and easy to upload photos. As a rule, I don’t worry about what I have sold. I don’t do it for that, but I would say, “enjoy what you do, put your best effort into it and be proud of what you achieve.” If someone else likes it too then that’s great!
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