February 22, 2016 10:19

At CoinaPhoto we are all about recognising and appreciating everyone in our digital community. Today we feature Gonzalo Iglesias, a machine design engineering student by day and a travel photographer by night! We couldn’t be more excited to find our more about Ganzalo’s photography inspirations and his passion for viewing his surroundings from an artistic perspective!


COINAPHOTO: Talk to us about some of your inspirations!

Gonzalo: I am someone who loves travelling because I always wish to see more of the world. The main aspect that inspires me is my dream of becoming a travel photographer so that I can travel all across the world and take beautiful pictures.

I also like taking pictures of things related to design, architecture and street art. I am a great fan of landscape photography as well because it amazes me, not only because of the aesthetic photo itself but also because it gets me thinking. When I see a photo of a forest in the middle of the night, I imagine what it would have taken for the photographer to take the picture there.

Reichstag’s Dome
COINAPHOTO: What other photographers do you admire?

Gonzalo: I deeply admire José María Mellado. When I initially developed my passion for photography, I bought a book by José María Mellado where he explains the basics of photography and his workflow. Another photographer that I admire is Serge Ramelli, who has a YouTube channel. I have learned a great deal from him. One of the techniques that I use in my photography is called Blending Multiple Exposures whereby you take two shots of the same subject, then you retouch both photos and blend them together. The photo below displays this effect.

         Colourful City
CoinaPhoto: What do you think of the CoinaPhoto platform?

Gonzalo:  I really like CoinaPhoto because I am fascinated by the idea of using tokens to sell photos. A recommendation that I have is to hold more photo contests, because it will help to gain more recognition for the photographer and for the website.

Drying rice
More of Gonzalos’s work can be viewed on our MARKET and is available to be downloaded.


View Gonzalo’s profile here to see some of his photography.


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