April 10, 2016 15:49
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Born in the exotic location of Sumatra in Indonesia and having access to some of the most beautiful landscapes around him, it comes as no surprise that Fakhri Anindita is an excellent photographer who has won various photography contests. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover more behind Fakhri’s inspirations and to see some of his best photos for yourself.


COINAPHOTO: How did you first develop the interest in photography? Feel free to tell us any personal inspiring stories.

Fakhri: I first became obsessed with photography in high school however there was no one around at that time to advise me on it, so I started learning various photography skills through books, online videos and magazines. I kept trying to learn independently what it took to capture a great photo through these means.


Traffic Hour

COINAPHOTO: What kind of photography are you into?

Fakhri: I love photographing landscapes and local residents which is particularly interesting because you get to interact with new people and experience new things!



Friend of Adventure


CoinaPhoto: Which photo of yours are the most proud of you and why – tell us a bit about your journey behind the lens.

Fakhri: I take pride in all my photos because every picture has a unique story behind it. The only real challenge that I ever face is hunting for the right setting as a subject for my photography. Most of my best photos were taken after 10-24 hours of walking and hiking. Quite often the weather conditions can have an adverse effect on a photographer’s mood but one must not let that get them down!

Caci Dancer


CoinaPhoto: Do you have any words of wisdom for budding photographers out there?

Fakhri: I am sure every photographer has his or her own taste. I personally believe that one should focus on what they have in front of them. The most important element is to focus on ones skills rather than the tools that can be used.

The Amazing Sunset Papuma


CoinaPhoto: What do you think of CoinaPhoto platform?

Fakhri: CoinaPhoto has a compelling platform. It is very easy to use and it unites photographers from around the world in one place promoting a sense of digital photography community.

More of Fakhri’s work can be viewed on our MARKET and is available to be downloaded. View Fakhri’s profile here to see some of his photography.

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Annisa Rizki Sakih
April 17, 2016 00:37
as Indonesian, I’m very proud of you Fakhri!

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