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As a digital marketplace that helps you sell your photos to buyers every day, CoinaPhoto aims to consistently provide you with the best opportunities to attract potential buyers for your photography.  Ashlynne Lobdell is one such photographer who has successfully sold a variety of photos on the platform. She shares her story with CoinaPhoto on how she uses the income from the sale of her photos to rescue neglected and abused horses.  


COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop a passion for photography and how much time do you spend pursuing this passion?

Ashlynne: I remember getting my first camera when I was eight and my grandparents taught me that different rolls of film were used for different shutter speeds. From that point forward, I took pictures non-stop. However, after securing a full time job as an adult, balancing my passion of photography along side working 40 - 50 hours a day became tough. I now try to balance my responsibilities with my passion so I can spend more time pursuing my dream of professional photography.
Firework Display over the Bridge in Grand Rapids

COINAPHOTO: Did you intend on making any money from your photography?

Ashlynne: For me photography is mostly about following my passion. I have learned that photography is not necessarily a high grossing money making endeavour, but if you go into it considering it a passion or a hobby, any money that you do make through it is great! Personally, through the money that I have earned from photography I am now able to support my other passion of rescuing neglected and abused horses. It’s a great feeling waking up knowing you have sold several photos and how desired your photos are to the buyers in CoinaPhoto market.



The world is my colouring book

CoinaPhoto: Do you have any tips for photographers like yourself on how to sell their photos online and make them more appealing to buyers?

Ashlynne: You have to think about the kind of photos that over flood the market and try to avoid letting your photos be one of them, otherwise they will not be noticed by potential buyers. With experience I have learned not to use filters or alter the picture too much. Get a sense of community going, if you like a photo you can reward them a token to show your appreciation and receive some tokens yourself in return.

Soccer Dog

CoinaPhoto: What do you think of our CoinaPhoto platform? 

Ashlynne: I love CoinaPhoto because I have not seen a bad photo on the platform yet! Everyone on the site is very serious with their work. Every time I sell a photo, I feel like I have won an award. The feeling of engaging with the platform is rewarding.

Did Ashlynne’s story inspire you to upload your photo to our MARKET? If yes, show us some of your work! View Ashlynne’s profile here to see some of her photography.

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Stefan Klein
April 21, 2016 20:42
Well done Ashlynne, I love your tips on how to sell your photo’s .
sayy zhuhdi
April 22, 2016 00:09
Nice work
Senthil Kumar J
May 3, 2016 20:22
Good read and great to know that the money is put to really good cause. You are an inspiration..
Bayu Adi Wardhana
May 17, 2016 06:09
Thanks, You help us so much…

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