April 07, 2016 10:00

We thoroughly enjoyed receiving all your entries for our ‘Black and White’ photo contest. Who knew there was so much you could do with just the two basic colours but as always you did not let us down and gave us a tough time having to decide our winner from your wonderful entries!

THEME: ‘Black and White’

Let’s go back in time, challenge ourselves and reign in our artistic abilities to just the two basic colours of black and white. Express yourself using representations of concepts, ideas and emotions just using monochrome colours. Submit your best entries to our ‘Black and White’ photo contest now and win a $300 cash prize!


CoinaPhoto user: Ravikanth Kurma
Photo: Merry Go Round

$300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and featured in CoinaPhoto’s upcoming social media campaign.


Judge’s Feedback:
“I chose this image because the panning technique used in it is exceptional. The photo is very dynamic and the focus on the main object is well executed and sharp.” - Fakhri Anindita, winner of our ‘Travel‘ photo contest
“Despite the photo lacking bright non-monochrome colours, you can still see every bit of joy on the children’s faces. The exhilarating moment is captured at its peak. Every single element in the moment represents the simplicity of the colours black and white and how much they can express even in their simplicity. ” Rumaisa, CoinaPhoto Team Member
We couldn’t resist mentioning some of the other photos which came notably close to our favourite shot. Below are some of our honourable mentions which left us highly impressed!
Honourable Mentions for ‘Black and White’ photo contest:
Friends by Sandi Bertoncelj



Innocence by Froi Rivera


Into the Deep Mist by Andi Rahardian Akbar


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We want to thank everyone who contributed their incredible entries to our ‘Black and White’ photo contest.


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