May 17, 2019 13:42

Animals are peculiar photo models and not always easy to photograph.

The best place for anyone to practice and explore wildlife photography are zoos and wildlife parks. Go slowly, start with beautiful parks as you can get closer to the animals.

To spark your imagination, we share these 7 extraordinary habitats of Africa’s wildlife.

“Giraffe Family - Sunset Bliss of African Wildlife” by Andries Alberts

Giraffe Family - Sunset Bliss of African Wildlife (1)

“Wildlife nature” by Ambir Tolang

adventure wildlife nature

“Impala - African Wildlife - Chewing Life” by Andries Alberts


“Man it’s been a long day” by Lawrence Graves

Man its been a long day

“In another way” by Diego Lopez


“Cheetah in sunlight” by Stacey Dijkhuijsen

cheetah in sunlight

“Angry ape” by Daniel Ferryanto

Angry ape

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