May 10, 2019 12:07

Who said we can’t make magic! These amazing landscapes are proofs that we live in such an incredible, magical place. A reason more to keep it as it is.

Sky, stars, colors and clouds and proper timing are all that is need for astonishing landscape photography.

Take a look at these Earth’s enchanting sights and enjoy in the amazement they bring.

“Sunset” by Mateo


“Morning on Tayen lake” by Lê dương

Morning On Tuyen Lam Lake

“The beauty of the sky” by rahmadhimawan photography


“Artic lunar eclipse” by Sølve Fredheim

Arctic lunar eclipse


“Great sunset” by Thomas Adamkovic

Great sunset

“Colorful cloud” by Joy Roy

Colorful cloud


“Mimice Church, Croatia” by Carlo Curis

Mimice church, Croatia


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