May 24, 2019 14:13

Food photography offers never-ending possibilities for visual creatives. Good photography can make you hungry, convince you to order, taste and discover so many dishes.

Food photography can connect us all in various ways.

After all, how else would we know about Arabian “kanafeh”, Armenian “hummus” or Indian “tikka masala”?

And there are many more exotic dishes ready to be discovered. These are some of the most interesting ones we have curated for you. Enjoy!

“Traditional food of Indonesia, Nasi Goreng” by Baehaki Hariri


“Empek-Empek - fishcake” by Nicho Hermanto


“Sate Bali” by I Made Pageh Yasa

Sate Bali

“Lord Sandwich” by Miguel Crespo

Lord Sandwich

“ram at Hue pie” by Nguyen Tran Hung

ram at Hue pie

“Daal makhni” by Omkar Nilapwar

Daal makhni

“Lumpang cake” by Rima Hutabarat

Lumpang Cake

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