August 25, 2016 16:08

Vintage stock photos offer certain advantages in a marketing and editorial context – they can bring stories to life, create authenticity and build nostalgic connections.  CoinaPhoto’s extensive vintage library of stock photography offers your business a diverse range of vintage stock photos to cover a wide array of your digital content needs. Some of our vintage stock photos below show the relevance of vintage photography on par with today’s digital trends:


1) Scientists believe that cultural nostalgia brings with it many psychological benefits by increasing feelings of self-esteem and interpersonal bonding. In today’s digital world you want to freeze the attention of your audience on your content amidst a pool of readily available content by competitors. CoinaPhoto helps your vintage content stand out, reach out to our audience on a personal level based on their varied interests and immediately grasps their attention.


Opel Captain 1935 by Fajar Setiawan Wu



2) Vintage photographs tap into warm and comforting memories - creating a sense of security. With thousands of vintage photos available in our library from different eras, places, time, architecture and locations - our content creates a special personal bond between your business and your target audience.


Taj by Purvi Jain

3) Nostalgia evoked by vintage photographs reminds us that others care for us, and we for them, thus making vintage photos a powerful tool when wishing to elicit a strong emotional reaction on part of the consumer. All businesses want to sell their product but our highly varied vintage content, from all across the globe, helps you sell your content to your audience with a blend of cultural sensitivity so they that they know they are cared for by you.


Repairing by Dhrubajyoti Batacharji

4) Vintage imagery is more open to personal interpretation. Ironically, a well selected vintage photograph can look totally fresh and new, helping your product to stand out. CoinaPhoto’s vintage library offers you content with an edge which can form a connection between the past and present, enabling your content to resonate better with your audience.


Golden Spring by Pavel Ivanov

If you are looking to spruce up your content for your target audience, why not give one (or some!) of CoinaPhoto’s amazing vintage stock photos a try?  You’ll be creating emotive memories of a time gone by and be building adoration for your brand in the process!

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