February 20, 2015 16:27

The continuing evolution of technology and social media has allowed creativity to be placed at the forefront of photography, with new trends and techniques coming in to fashion on a regular basis. We thought we’d take a quick look at some of the trends that have caught our eye.  What follows then isn’t necessarily a collection of completely new trends to the photography industry, rather a quick look at some of the techniques and themes we’re seeing in the photography that’s shared on CoinaPhoto.

Drone photography is a trend that we’re seeing more and more in amateur and indeed professional photography. The drone device allows photographers to explore views from a whole new height, allowing the birds eye view to become a much more attainable perspective. Thanks to drones, cameras can now fly extremely close to the ground, through trees and climb high, giving an amazing panorama. With photographers finally being able to capture pictures that were previously impossible, it is no wonder that you can’t wait to get your hands on them and share your snaps.

A particularly prominent trend we can’t get enough of is the enduring fascination photographers have with the boundless beauty of the natural world, often referred to as wanderlust. As individuals are embarking on their adventures to discovery, you’ll be sure they are never without their smartphone. From images of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes, to fascinating creatures and divine cuisines, smartphone photography is a great way for individuals to capture their own experiences. What’s more, social media now offers the perfect opportunity for those who many not have the same chance to see parts of the world that would otherwise have remained unknown.

Another trend to really take off is that of minimalism. Whilst minimalism has always been a present theme in photography, 2015 has seen a huge rise in photographers rushing to share their extremely minimalist pictures, showing that sometimes, less really is more.  There no longer seems to be the desire to cram large amounts into one snap, with photographers instead focusing on the simplistic beauty of textures, patterns and shapes, that work on their own or in unison, to capture raw emotion.

Perhaps embedded within this trend, is the fascinating way in which we’ve seen a lot of photographers manipulate colour. It takes much skill to capture images that are both vibrant and stunning. Whether the photographer opts for delicate pastels, vivid colours or makes use of stunning contrast, it is most certainly clear that there is an attention to detail that has never been so outstanding.

With much of the world in political and social turmoil and major general elections coming up political photography is also on the rise, with people of power, elections and hustings all being captured. Often incorporating monochrome, politically charged photography often is shot through the eyes of the preached, with the photography capitalising upon the subtlety of perspective and positioning to present a political figure as powerful.

Whilst trends fluctuate, what is for sure is that the creative photography sphere has never been more exciting and there has never been a better time to become involved.

With such fabulous trends already being established and growing in 2015, we’re really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will have to offer. If you think you have 2015’s next hot shot, make sure you don’t forget to give it a share in the CoinaPhoto public gallery. We can’t wait to see what the talent out there has to offer!

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