December 04, 2015 05:13


We are happy to announce that we have chosen our “Love Your Job” contest winners. With over 700 amazing entries, it was a tough decision from our judges! Congratulations to our winners…


Show us the passion in the real work that gets done every day.

CoinaPhoto user: Mark Anthony Agtay
Photo: The Welder
Judge’s Feedback: “The lighting and filter of this photo creates a warm and inviting visual. This photo captures the spirit of hard work. You can see the subject is focused and takes pride in what he does.” -Angie Quach, Member of CoinaPhoto Team
Prize: $500 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your names and photo will be showcased to thousands on our Facebook and Twitter pages)
CoinaPhoto user: Pranab Basak
Judge’s Feedback: “I really like the expression of the girl’s smile when she’s doing her work and looking around her environment. The hand shadows on the wall are a fun and unexpected twist to the photo.” -Dedi Erfiadi, Previous CoinaPhoto contest winner
Prize: $300 Amazon voucher for photography equipment
CoinaPhoto user: Gerdie Hutomo
Judge’s Feedback: “The photo shows  true dedication and love of farming, every piece of land is very carefully cultivated.

Beautiful shot and great story, nice framing with use of diagonals and great timing. Compliments!” -Sandi Bertoncelj, Previous CoinaPhoto contest winner
Prize: $200 Amazon voucher for photography equipment
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Sudirmanto Muchtar
December 4, 2015 06:07
All photo are GREATH! Congratulation for all Winner
Sudirmanto Muchtar
December 6, 2015 04:02
The Welder by Mark Anthony Agtay uploaded on November 30, 2015 15:06, or no later than one day before, while coinaphoto itself make the rules, Submissions 1 November 2015 to 23 November 2015, jury might blind or can not read, let a lot of people, coinaphoto always deny their own rules
Sudirmanto Muchtar
December 6, 2015 05:12
oooh, he uploaded two times, sorry…

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