March 14, 2016 09:47

With great delight we are able to announce the winner of our ‘Geometry’ photo contest! With over 500 entries to the contest, we were once again blown away by the talented shots that were submitted. Thank you for your thought provoking entries! We are excited to announce our winning shot!

THEME: ‘Geometry’

We are calling out to all photography whizzes with a challenge that has an exciting new edge! Does the idea of shapes, space and position excite you? Think symmetry, shapes, infrastructure and angle! It’s entirely your call! So do you think you have the edge? If yes, enter our ‘Geometry’ photo contest now for the chance to win our cash prize and be featured on our social media!

CoinaPhoto user: Sujit Saha
Photo: Fishing Women
Fishing Women
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Judge’s Feedback:


“This photo captures a beautiful moment with bird angle view which makes the women clearly visible. The composition and light are perfect as a geometrical pattern is naturally formed by the placement of visual objects and the women.” - Usep Karunia, Guest Judge of our ‘Geometry’ photo contest and winner of our ‘Still Life’ photo contest. 


“The idea behind this picture is beautifully simple as it seamlessly moves beyond your general idea of geometry. It depicts shapes, objects and symmetry within the realm of a real life setting.” - Rumaisa, CoinaPhoto Team Member


As there were far too many amazing entries to choose from, we also decided to appreciate a few extra photos from the contest entries that stood out. We just couldn’t resist mentioning some of the other photos which came notably close to our favourite shot. Below are some of our honourable mentions for our ‘Geometry’ photo contest which left us highly impressed!


Honourable Mentions for ‘Geometry’ photo contest:
Coloured Light by Haruko Fujimoto


“Perspective angle plays a vital role in making this interesting image. Variation of good angle, composition and light makes this image eye-catching.” - Usep Karunia


Spiral Staircase by Jessica Hernandez
Spiral Staircase by Jessica Hernandez


Bamboo Scaffolding by Jeremy Greenberg
Bamboo Scaffolding by Jeremy Greenberg 


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We want to thank everyone who contributed their incredible entries to our ‘Geometry’ photo contest.
We definitely had a tough time deciding our favourite image. Thanks for your participation!


Think you’ve got what it takes to win?  Enter our ‘Travel‘ photo contest now for the chance to be our next grand cash prize winner!


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Narendra Tiwari
March 14, 2016 12:48
Well deserved winners , fantastic work - Compositions are really igniting the ‘Geometry’ theme. good learning as well for me.
Wissam Bishara
March 14, 2016 16:12
Beautiful photo! Great composition, lighting, and interesting too! Congratulations
CoinaPhoto Marketing
March 15, 2016 12:59
Hello, We absolutely agree. Thanks a million for your appreciation!
CoinaPhoto Marketing
March 15, 2016 13:00
Hi, Thank you for those incredibly kind words!

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