June 04, 2015 11:33

May was an extremely busy month for CoinaPhoto and as always the standard of photography surpassed our expectations. CoinaPhoto’s monthly competition was entitled ‘Faces’ and saw hundreds of sensational entries from photographers portraying the depth of human emotion with their amazing talent and technique.

There has also been hundreds of other images submitted outside of the competition category this month. Let’s take a look back at just a few of our favourite photographs from May.

This month, we saw photographers cleverly experiment with light to capture outstanding landscape scenes.

Barrak Bouresli captured this fabulous landscape shot of Funtas Beach at sunrise. Shots that capture the sun are a favourite on CoinaPhoto but this one really stood out to us. The sun, combined with the lights shining from the building, creates a warm glow and a backdrop consisting of richly defined colours to frame the tranquil and picturesque beach.


Abhinav Maurya also utilises light to its full potential in this beautiful shot entitled ‘Night View’. The long exposure shooting technique allows him to capture the hills against background lights that glimmer and serve to create a magical photograph.


For our next image we go to Riko Mappedeceng and his in-motion shot ‘Sasak War’.

CoinaPhoto users come from across the globe so it is always fascinating to see different cultures and how they differ to our own. This photo gave us a look into the past into ancient traditions and the way Riko has caught the two subjects at the perfect moment is something quite special.


The final snap in our Photos of the Month is ‘The Dome’ taken by Seamus Pop.  This stunning photo, shot from below, captures the grandeur of this Russian Cathedral and is another fine example of the wonderful travel photography uploaded to CoinaPhoto.


June is sure to be another brilliant month on CoinaPhoto and we’re excited to see your photos as well as trends that emerge from our growing photography community. For all the latest news and competitions on CoinaPhoto, follow us on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and Instagram, and of course stay tuned right here to see if your shot makes next month’s edition of CoinaPhoto’s Photos of the Month!

Happy Snapping!

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