June 09, 2015 12:38
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Rain has the ability to ruin many things, putting a dampener on your day and showering on your good spirit. However, one thing it does not need to ruin is your photography. In fact, whether it’s drizzle or a downpour, rainfall can actually create rare opportunities and transform otherwise ordinary pictures into rich captivating shots. So next time it rains, take the opportunity – pick up your camera and get snapping.

There are a number of things that need to be considered when taking pictures in the rain. It can often prove to be a fine art that requires a range of techniques. Here at CoinaPhoto we’ve taken a look at a few elements to consider when shooting in the rain.

1.    Choose your subject

First and foremost, choose what you are going to shoot. The rain can create dramatic and atmospheric scenes, allowing the most regular looking objects seem unusual. Raindrops on leaves, fruit, and other surfaces can add a beautiful dimension to your photography.

Human beings are also interesting subjects to capture in the rain – their actions and emotions will change as they hurry to keep dry or struggle with their umbrellas.

2.    Utilise lighting

When you have chosen your subject, you should consider the lighting. Light during rain can be soft and diffused which can be great for photographing nature.

Lighting is also important if you are wanting to capture the rain with clarity.

By using different light sources, rain can become emphasised quite dramatically and drops can become very clearly defined, especially if you want them to be your main focus. Try to find the perfect angle by shooting into the light but not being too direct as this will cause your shot to be over exposed.

Take Ajesh Jan’s ‘When the sun came after the rain’ – the use of light has allowed the raindrops to be captured beautifully on this flower. The light has fallen on the drops which have been captured with such strong clear focus that the photograph is given a rare magical quality.

Kimberley Cafferkey similarly captures raindrops resting delicately on a flower. However, she opts for a macro technique to emphasise the water and make it the main focus within the image.

3.    Explore water reflection

Many CoinaPhoto users have experimented with water reflection techniques in their photography as it adds depth to their pictures. The rain can be a great opportunity to capture reflections and what better way to a capture a snap than in a puddle? Puddles are everywhere after a period of rain so make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to get creative. Add an element of fun to your photos – displaying upside down reflections during both daylight and after dark if lights are available. Puddles can also be good to shoot into during the rain, achieving a great rippling effect adding an extra dimension.

Finally, it is important to remember that water can damage your equipment so take care! Take shelter where you can during shooting and make sure your camera isn’t exposed to the rain for a long period of time.

Water really can transform a photograph however you must be prepared as we cannot guarantee the weather. Wait for the rain to fall and get snapping! We cannot wait to see your rainy day photos so make sure you upload them to CoinaPhoto.

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June 9, 2015 17:31
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