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It is safe to say that we are getting closer to our favourite time of the year. From planning the Thanksgiving meal to deciding the size of our Christmas tree, we could not have a more suitable time to start bracing ourselves to capture the best of memories that await us. In order to make the most of it, we have decided to compile a guide for you on how to take excellent shots this festive season.




1) White balance feature is your friend!

We imagine you are already aware of the importance of light in your festive photography. However, less is NOT more when it comes to lights. Although rarely you may run the risk of taking too bright a shot, but as a general rule of thumb, it is better to go for a brighter than a darker photo. Just remember that not all lights work the same way. Ensure your white balance settings are on point to avoid disrupting the mood of your photos with too much fluorescent light!



2) Determine your subject

Of course, you know your subjects better than we do, however many of us can forget to plan all our subjects. While taking photos of your loved ones carving the turkey or opening their presents are important, don’t neglect the little things like taking photos of the presents around your Christmas tree or the food preparation in the kitchen.



3) Play about with your aperture

Too many details such as decorations, lights, presents, your sleepy dog and your baby cousin in one photo can be highly distracting. After you have carefully selected your subject, decide how much of the surrounding subjects you want in the photo. Best to keep distractions at bay by using a lower aperture setting so you get the most from your subject!



4) Did someone say macro lens?

Speaking of decorations and ornaments - don’t forget the importance of beautiful tiny objects this festive season! See that little snowman figure hanging off the tree? Maybe it has been in your family for four generations or maybe your aunt Meg picked it in a yard sale a few weeks ago! In either case, like little decorations around you, it is pretty and you could use a photo of it in your 2016 festive celebrations album. Using a macro lens will ensure that you get the best shots of the little objects!



5) Keep your shutter speed game strong!

One of the things that makes the festive season so special is the emotional value associated with it. We know you don’t want to miss out on any natural emotion expressed by your loved ones! Have you got an excited toddler who is unwrapping his present? Don’t forget to increase your shutter speed so you don’t miss a single expression on his face as the excitement of unwrapping the present builds!






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