March 13, 2015 16:17

Hi there Janine, it’s great to meet you! We’ve loved checking out your CoinaPhoto profile. Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do?

I am 43, married, and I’m a full time mum with 4 children - three boys aged 25, 22, 12 and a daughter aged 14. They all love photography to some extent, my daughter has a great eye for the perfect shot, and the eldest son currently has a career in wildlife camera trap photography in the Malaysian rainforests. The second eldest son takes some amazing shots in his spare time, when he’s not working as a mechanic. I have been interested in photography for a number years, I’d rather not count them, I love how each photo brings a number of different things to the eye! I love experimenting with mood, lighting and different angles. Photography is a great outlet that allows me to capture the moment in new, different and artistic ways since I’m always experimenting.


How did you get into photography? What made you want to share your pictures with the world?

I got into photography out of curiosity - I absolutely adore looking around photography galleries, exhibitions and friends photos, which is what initially inspired me to start taking my own pictures. I express myself through photography and share memories through this wonderful art form. I’ve always had an artistic eye but can’t paint or draw very well so photography is the perfect way for me to be creative.


How did you acquire your photography skills?

I just taught myself really - I’ve taken a lot of bad shots but they have helped me get better and friends have taught me a lot of useful tips. After starting to really get into it, I began buying photography magazines to pick up a few more helpful tips and tricks. Another aspect of photography that I love is that there is always more to learn - just like life you pick up and learn stuff every day. The digital age has also allowed to explore photography further, when I don’t have my Nikon DSLR camera I have my phone camera because there is always something I want to take a snap of, whether it be landscapes, family, pets or just something that catches the eye when walking through the supermarket.


What attracted you to the CoinaPhoto platform? 

I first spotted CoinaPhoto on Facebook - after taking a look around and making an account it became immediately clear in my head that CoinaPhoto is the perfect place for me to explore others photography and also share my own. I like how I am surrounded by like-minded people in a social environment; I can comment, like respect, award coins and get feedback myself. We all want to help each other, which is great.


What features do you like the most on CoinaPhoto? 

I particularly like the ‘Like Respect’feature as this simple yet effective tool can really brighten up your day when you receive it and it makes me equally happy to give it out and acknowledge others pictures.  If somebody’s photo stands out then you can take the next steps and give them coins and tokens and it is a lovely feeling to receive them. CoinaPhoto is also great from a financial perspective, the photography industry is often damaged as a profession by people posting images for free online, I like how CoinaPhoto encourages people to buy photos and earn money for their creative content online. I also enjoy the participating and voting in competitions, the excellence of photography demonstrated in these competitions is really inspiring and the prizes are really good too.


What are your Top 3 tips for new photographers joining CoinaPhoto?

  • When you first join CoinaPhoto add your favourite photos and initially the things you are interested in.
  • Get on the network and look, have a follow and start getting involved in the community.
  • Find the genres that you are into and get involved - that is the perfect starting point.


What place in the world is the most inspiring for you to photograph?

Derbyshire hills, anyone who looks at my photos and CoinaPhoto profile will see that most of my photographs are large hills and sea side shots. Britain inspires me the most when it comes to photography; the rugged scenery is my muse. One place I would photograph is Cumbria - hopefully I will get the chance to do so in the near future.


What tips would you give to a real beginner in photography?

Keep trying - photography is a huge and constant learning curve and rather than fearing failure embrace it as that is what ultimately makes you better. Try shooting from different angles, it’s amazing how different something can look when you take a different perspective! I also think you can never take too many photos, you can always just delete the ones you don’t like.


What has been the best part of joining and being part of the CoinaPhoto community?

There’s more than one best part - ultimately my favourite aspect is the social side, communicating using the tools CoinaPhoto provides whether it be the ‘Like Respect’, comments or coins it is lovely to give and or receive both. The money earned is also a huge bonus as it helps me sustain my hobby, whether it is buying a photography magazine, camera equipment or even a new cafetiere.


Janine has set up a non-endorsed Facebook page for UK based users! Check it out here


Sudirmanto Muchtar

March 13, 2015 17:46
Janine Moore, Keep enjoy take and upload and happy time for you every day

Janine Moore

March 14, 2015 18:15
Thank you very much, Sudirmanto. Life inspires me and my family too. My youngest son has been a great feature of a lot of my shots too. I hope you enjoy your photography and have great success too.

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