July 23, 2015 11:41

You could travel the ends of the earth and still not find anything as beautiful as the British countryside. From the rolling appdownload-175x300hills to majestic rivers and striking sunsets, the stunning British scenery presents photographers with a vast range of opportunities to capture glorious landscape shots.

Many CoinaPhoto users have shared their own photographs of the countryside. That is why we have decided to take a look at a few snaps that really show the beauty of the countryside and capture the vibrant and varied hues of the British landscape.

Andrew Cowley took this beautiful picture, portraying the essence of rural Britain. The combination of the stone wall and farm animals, against a picturesque backdrop and golden setting makes the photo a true British classic, that you can’t help but to notice.

Andrew has also captured the sky wonderfully, with the bright blue sky shown in sharp contrast to the darkness of the clouds and the orange light emanating from the sun. A truly delightful shot!

Andrew’s second countryside shot – ‘A Yorkshire Sunset’, was taken in South Yorkshire. His use of exposure casts a dramatic lighting over the landscape. The darkness of the hills and bright orange lighting from the setting sun also highlights the turbines in the background for a haunting but magnificent effect.

Picturesque landscapes are arguably Britain’s strongest feature. The United Kingdom boasts both stunning hills and flat fields, leaving photographers with a wealth of choice when it comes to picking a location. Lawrence Graves has here captured a classic site of the British countryside in the form of hay bales. This landscape photo is one of the familiar sites in the United Kingdom and the contrast of the colour of the hay meeting the blue sky makes for a magnificent, warm photograph.

The British countryside is home to some fantastic wildlife – a favourite subject of many CoinaPhoto users. This image, taken by Seamus Pop, depicts the British deer that can be found at public parks such as Richmond Park. Seamus has timed this photograph perfectly and the fantastic lighting not only gives a warming summer tone to the picture, but also helps to highlight the majestic animal in all of its glory.

Another lovely picture taken in Britain is this shot of sunlit woods in Wales, captured by Chanda Seymour. The light peeks through the trees, contrasting with the darkness of the trees – a gentle reminder that summer is still here. The gentle twinkling light also gives a magical effect, making it a commendable photograph.

With many photographers desperate to capture mother nature at her finest in Britain it is also good to remember that there are fantastic opportunities to shoot architecture. Alex Baxter has done just that, shooting South Stack lighthouse in Wales. This tranquil sunset is taken from a high angle focuses on the sunset and the colour it casts on the lighthouse below.

In Britain there are many beautiful places to photograph. From the southern regions of Surrey and Kent to the northern sights of Yorkshire, County Durham and Scotland - the British countryside is a photographers dream. If you’ve captured Britain recently we would love to see your photos, make sure you upload to the CoinaPhoto public gallery.

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