November 30, 2016 16:41


With 2016 whizzing past us already, we couldn’t be more excited to pick some of our favourite shots from our market in November. Have a browse of our top 5 shots in November below and let us know which one of the shots tops your list!



Winter is Coming by Karthik Chandrasekar


Why we love it: The subtle hues of wintery blues amalgamated with the larger scene make this photo a beautiful composition.


Red of Lisboa by Josip Miskovic


Why we love it: There is something euphoric about the sunsets. This blend of golden hour and night skies give this image a beautiful glow that directly comes from natural movement of the sun and clouds.

Timmy Sunset by Andrew Sykes


Why we love it: What is not the love about this shot? Dog - check. Beach - check. Beautiful skies - check.


The Explorer by Sumit Sirwani


Why we love it: No one can look at this photo without being astounded. It is an exceptional example of brilliant night photography that captures the milky way and stars with clarity, joining our world with the beyond in perfect harmony of colours.


Colourful by Anna Avdeeva


Why we love it: Special moment shot at the right back is what makes this colourful shot stand out.


Which of our top photos was your favourite this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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