May 05, 2016 12:42
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Isn’t your home just a miniature version of paradise on earth? Thanks for letting us into your lives and submitting some incredible photos to our ‘Home’ photo contest. With great delight we are now ready to announce the winning shot!

CoinaPhoto user: Sumit Sirwani
Photo: Living in the Fields
Living in the fields
Judge’s Feedback:
“This photo is full of colours and it gives a ‘homely’ feel through the warm weather. It also stands out because it gives a sense of a simple agricultural life. Great composition all round!”- Kej Ty, Judge of our ‘Home’ and winner of our ‘Vintage’ photo contest
“The imagery in this photo does not go unnoticed thanks to the beautiful contrast of colours. The vibrancy and clarity are outstanding. The photo almost makes you wish that it was your home!” - Rumaisa, member of CoinaPhoto team
Other entries we couldn’t help admiring:
Martin by Eric Svec


Happy Home by Pranab Basak
“This photo interested me on first view because I could feel the emotions reflected in it. The body language between the mother and child recall the ideas of home and harmony for me.” - Kej 
Activities between mother and her children in the mornings by Ed Nofri

“This photo is extremely striking because it may just be an ordinary day in the life of villagers but it is beautiful.” - Kej 

Thanks once again for participating in our ‘Home’ photo contest! We still have more prizes to give away so get submitting your shots to our ‘Deserts and Ocean‘ and ‘Powerful Women‘ photo contests for chances to be featured as our next winners!
We are all ears for your feedback. Pop a comment below to let us know what you think of the winning shot!
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Kishore Jothady
May 5, 2016 14:15
I have no intention of disputing the selection by the judge. A judge is the undisputed ‘know all’ in any competition and his/her judgement is to be accepted without a murmur. However,having said that, I feel the judge in this competition is slightly unclear about the theme of the competition. Is ‘Home’ the theme as announced or is it ‘Village Life’, ‘Bond between mother and child’, ‘Emotions’, ‘Activities in a village’? These can be extensions of the theme but certainly not the main theme. The figures in the picture by Ed Nofri are moving out of the frame, there is no breathing space in the direction of the movement and in any pictorial competition, this image would be the first to get eliminated. In contrast,in the image by Mr. Pranab Basak, the mother is looking right with enough breathing space in that direction. That is how it should be.

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