May 04, 2016 10:16
Lazar Gergo’s photography never goes unnoticed in our market. His obsession with photography first started when he was gifted camera as a Christmas present. We suspect he hasn’t taken a bad shot since! Don’t just take our word for it. See some of his work and read his journey behind the lens below!


COINAPHOTO: The shot of Forth Bridge below is incredible. Do you have any inspirations behind this photo? In general, what themes inspire you when it comes to photography?
Lazar: My main desire to capture this photo stemmed from the house under the bridge. I was waiting for the train to pass by so that the bridge would light up, leading to the lights from the bridge reflecting on the house below. The house and the famous Forth Bridge combined, presented a beautiful opportunity for me to capture the perfect shot. I am mainly interested in photojournalism because such photos tell a story of their own!


COINAPHOTO: When did you first develop an interest in photography?
Lazar: My love affair with photography first started when I got a DSLR as a Christmas present in 2013. This led me to becoming more of a serious photographer who pursued photography with a deep passion. You can never go wrong with something you put you heart and soul into!

CoinaPhoto: Are there any particular photographers who you exceptionally take a liking to?

Lazar: I quite admire James Nachtwey, Bulent Kilic and Steve Mccurry. Their work always screams out to me because it just catches ones eye!



CoinaPhoto: How do you find the CoinaPhoto Platform?

Lazar: I really like the idea behind CoinaPhoto. I see it becoming better everyday with the immense amount of quality work that it has on display, which makes me really admire the work that you put in to your digital photography community.


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