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CoinaPhoto user: Sandi Bertoncelj

Photo: Enjoy the moment

Location: Slovenia

Enjoy the moment.jpg


Story behind the winning shot:

"We came at the peak of the mountain just before sunset. The light was awesome, the sun was shining through the peaks of mountains, causing long shadows and lift mist in the valley. It was a very pleasant and exciting nature adventure." - Sandi

Judge’s Feedback:

"This is a rather unique shot of a sunset. The scene shows the particular time of the evening when the rays from the sun have started to glow with a subtle luminescence in the foreground. It's interesting to note how the determined rays are finding their way between the natural pattern of the mountains to reflect on the grass. The photographer also presents an exhilirating and adventerous story within the scene by showing a cyclist on the hill." - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photographer: Hendi Syarifuddin

Location: Bekasi City, Indonesia

Skyscrapers at Sunset Time.jpg


"Time, place, view, moment - create the perpfect sunset in the city." - Dedi

Photo: Giraffe Silhouette

Photographer: Andries Alberts

Location: Namibia 

Giraffe Silhouette - Shapes and Sunsets in Nature.jpg


"This photo is very special. The silhouette of the giraffe heightens the effect of the sunset. TThe portrayal of the scene is peaceful due to the calm depiction of the sunset." - Dedi

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