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CoinaPhoto user: Vlad Ionescu

Photo: Magic Moment

Location: Lofoten, Norway 

Magic Moment.jpg    


Judge’s Feedback: 

"The theme of 'love without limits' is taken to a whole new level here. The grandeur of the northern lights spread across the vast skies endlessly stretching, while a loving couple watches them, represents their undying love for one another. One can also see how grand nature is compared to humans!" - Rumaisa

Other entries that won us over:

Photo: L

Photographer: Karina Azlanova

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 



"I like this photo very much. I looked at it and I was struck. The couple seems so content, so relaxed. Their smiles glow with happiness and joy. The scene is so inviting and lovable. I can easily imagine their morning. I want to have such a morning for myself. The photo emanates the vibrations of love and cosiness."  Mariia

Photo: Brothers and sisters love

Photographer: Janis Peskis

Location: Riga, Latvia

  brothers and sisters love.jpg


"I just love this photo! The kids are absolutely amazing! They are shining. They are genuine and wholehearted. They manifest themselves freely, naturally. Their emotions are sincere. That's why the photo is so vivid and luminous. It's really about love."  - Mariia

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